Unknown Mysteries about Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking (somnambulism or sleepwalking) is the medical term for the disease has just said just go to sleep, or operating state of hypnosis, the patient naturally wake up and go to sleep in a state in which they are unaware.
Sleepwalking – the mystery

According to US news site Businessinsider, approximately 1-5% of adults in this country suffer from sleepwalking, children also get sick. The reason, children with REM sleep (rapid eye movement) less than adults, especially in the group 3-7 years, usually children with disabilities fall into bedwetting.

There are suggestions that the “soul leaving the determination” sleepwalking while sleeping should be considered dangerous actions, causing insiders becomes lifeless. In fact, waking a sleepwalker does not harm them, even if difficult to get them to wake up and return to normal sleep.

Some sleepwalkers often waking up very confused or scared. Men become more aggressive if being awake while sleepwalking.

When sleepwalking, brain parts to create complex behaviors still work. Meanwhile, the part of the brain store memories and decisions back to sleep, that they can not remember what she had done and often take actions that have taken place earlier.

According to statistics, nearly 80% of people sleepwalking with the infected person, more precisely, sleepwalking sleep disorder is genetic and groups closely linked to other neurological disorders such as depression , Parkinson’s and REM sleep mechanisms.

Sleepwalking cases like fiction films

According to the Daily Mail, at about 2 am on Saturday, 07.25.2005, someone crossing the road in Battersea, south-east London, England, could not believe my eyes after seeing a person lying curled up on the ends of a towering crane beams 40m (equivalent to 13-story building). Immediately, firefighters were called and found that 15-year-old girl is innocent sleeping on the bed in the overhead. Thanks to specialized equipment, fire crews have access to the applicants. Fear of being awakened suddenly dangerous to life so people have adopted plans for the safest approach. After the wires are anchored insurance, it has been calling on families because parents call to wake her up. Woke up and using hydraulic ladders firefighters brought the girl to the ground safely.
In another case, in 2009, 18-year-old British girl named Rachel Ward jumped from the second floor to the ground he was sleepwalking. It happened at midnight, Rachel Ward suddenly woke up, climbed the second floor window and impartial “go down” land, falling grass beside the car. Thankfully, grounded leg first and then down, then yelled for help, as her father woke up and took her to the hospital. The doctor was surprised to find that Rachel Ward crashed down from above, but unharmed, not a broken leg, broken arm, to sleep more sleep, woke up and “discharge”, did not even remember the night over what to do.

According to the literature, Robert Ledru is one of the best detectives of France in the 19th century when it was investigating a murder case involving victims Andre Monet in Paris, was shot dead on a beach in Le Havre. The only evidence at the scene including bullets and the footprints of the killer. Ledru checking footprint and realize a true shock. That’s right foot and thumb perpetrator took his own legs also lost this finger.

And another event, the day of the crime, his Robert Ledru see all wet when you wake up. And yet, he usually has the habit of using ammunition as bullets found at the scene. Ledru realized that he was the one who killed Monet while sleepwalking. Story ends, but the French police did not immediately accept the confession of Ledru and decided to conduct an experiment.

They locked him in a separate cell for observation overnight. The first night, Ledru sleepwalking, then, the police to add a gun in the room. The next night, police shot him in his sleep. The investigation team has come to the conclusion, Ledru was not responsible for his actions, but he is still a threat. So they put Ledru to a farm in the countryside, where the guards, and nurses like mental institution. About myself, Ledru claiming he suffers from sleepwalking after suffer from syphilis as a young man.
Sleepwalking from a medical point of view

Explaining the phenomenon, Dr Irshaad Ebrahim, Director of the Research Centre of the British Sleep (LSC) said that, up to 10% of young people suffer from this disease in varying degrees and irrelevant to dream, also known as sleepwalking in a state of dreamless sleep. Many cases of sleepwalking insiders did odd things such as driving, painting, cooking, even to have sex with strangers or murder … but when they wake up they do not remember what happened . Biologists famous Russian I. Metanikop for sleepwalking is a special status, twilight state, which, insiders have acted unconsciously so unknown dangers lurk Arabic.

According to studies, there are nearly 30% of adults each sleepwalking in life with varying degrees. No undoubtedly, Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder are featured, alongside other common disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring … Even sleepwalking also endanger primary insiders themselves and those around them, such as driving at night cause of death. During sleep, the brain of the man fall into several different cycles, each cycle lasting about an hour and a half. Sleepwalking usually falls in late stages of sleep NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) or rapid eye movements, half-awake state. Delta waves in the brain are most active during this period. Delta waves are the slowest waves but the largest margin, contributing to maintain the level of concentration of sleep but retains the ability to physical activity.

Why brains of some people with the transition of high frequency delta waves to sleepwalking, and not simply continue to sleep, but they do have the physical activity so mysterious? The scientists speculate, sleepwalking behavior may stem from incomplete maturation childhood. Neuroscience expert Antonio Oliviero, in Paraplegics National Hospital, Toledo, has spent years researching about sleepwalking, found fault wiring system involves coordination neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the main culprit to cause sleepwalking.

When published research in the journal Scientific American, Antonio Oliviero said: “In children, the neurons are working, GABA secretion are stages of development should not create a complete system for controlling the activity. Because GABA prevents the motor control signals of the brain, GABA may be the lack of sleep makes children with sleepwalking, sleepwalking may be extended to the mature stage “. Therefore, if one parent is sleepwalking, the children will get up to 45% higher sleepwalking, if both parents together was sleepwalking, the rate jumped to 60%. People with depression are likely to be three times higher sleepwalking, migraine group, people with Tourette syndrome syndromewho (a neurological disorder often begins) is likely to be high sleepwalking to 4-6 times compared with those who do not suffer from this disease.

Sleepwalking evidence contains many mysteries so far people do not fully understand, so the treatment effect is limited. No cure, the current solution is to use drugs such as benzodiazepines, psychotropic drugs, slow the processing of the body through increased GABA. In addition, there are many ways to prevent sleepwalking, such as maintaining a positive lifestyle, mobility, avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol before bed, do not eat too close to bedtime, every day should maintain good sleep both in time and quality, including naps.


Source:  The Medical Daily/Business Insider/Listverse/DM/2016

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