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What is the Relationship between Marijuana and Sex?

The controversial topic has brought studies that point to its benefits and others that point to its disadvantages for health. A new study suggests that people who use marijuana often also have sex more often.

The Relationship between Marijuana and Sex

The study, carried out by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and revealed that the women studied who revealed that they had not used marijuana in the last year had had sex in an average of six times in the previous month, while those that did consume, had relationships more frequently , an average of seven times in the previous month.

The results were similar for men, those who consumed had an average of 7 times in the previous month, versus 6 times in those who did not consume.

To arrive at these results, the researchers analyzed the results of surveys of some 50,000 people in the United States, based on the National Survey of Family Growth. And analyzing participants between 25 and 44 years.

The study also revealed that 25% of men reported having used marijuana at some time, as did 15% of women.

What is the Relationship?

Men and women who used marijuana reported a higher frequency of sexual activity. According to the data, the regular use of marijuana does not affect sexual function or desire.

However, it is not that marijuana use increases sexual activity , to study that, marijuana should be used shortly before or during sex to understand its effects. But as it is not an issue addressed in the survey, it was not possible to directly relate to the use of the drug with the activity.

A previous study found that rats given a cannabinoid (active compound in marijuana) had a 50% increase in mating behavior. In the case of humans, cannabinoid receptors are found in active areas during sex, which could indicate a relationship.

According to experts , studying the impacts of marijuana on sex is complicated, first because the drug affects each person differently, and second because different situations can influence the person’s experience.

The study is not conclusive and it is still necessary to delve deeper into the subject, but it is undoubtedly an interesting topic.

Other studies have linked strong marijuana use with erectile dysfunction, while others suggest that it can help treat sexual dysfunction , so it is important to continue investigating the effects of the drug on sexual activity.

The cannabis is one of the most popular drugs in the world. Around 147 million people consume marijuana every year and in many countries its cultivation and consumption has finally been legalized.

In addition to being the most common drug among young people, its combination with sex is also common . But the use of marijuana has particular effects on the brain, body, health, sex and relationships of each individual that is worth knowing.

Marijuana and Libido

To a large extent, the use of marijuana before or during sex is due to the fact that many people claim that it has aphrodisiac qualities , that is, it increases sexual desire .

The main psychoactive agent of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, can improve mood and increase arousal as well as stimulate sexual activity. However, these effects do not happen in all people who use marijuana.

In many cases, marijuana can have negative effects on the libido of those who consume. In many cases, marijuana decreases sexual desire or can even hinder excitement. Most people usually experience both cases, sometimes they feel more excited under consumption and sometimes not, the real reason is still unknown.

Marijuana during Sex

Some studies explain that marijuana tends to distort the sense of time and creates the illusion of a longer excitement and orgasms . For this reason many people describe that there is a positive effect of marijuana on sex .

When it comes to sexual activity itself, marijuana can also have different effects. Many people experience a greater connection when they are under the influence, but other people are easily distracted and internalize their thoughts, distancing themselves emotionally from their sexual partner.

Marijuana, like drugs like alcohol, also disinhibits and relaxes people, something that in sex is often necessary to feel greater pleasure. But this same disinhibition can lead to having sex without protection or consent. In any case, it is necessary to take precautions, both to use protection and to establish clear communication.

Marijuana and Pregnancy

In contrast, marijuana does not always have a positive effect on fertility.

Some studies have shown a correlation between marijuana consumption and decreased fertility , mainly by reducing the number of sperm in men by 28% with consumption more than once a week.

This decrease may be due to the interaction with THC since many receptors in the testicle, linked to the production of sperm, are interrupted. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo even reported that marijuana use can have a negative effect on sperm fertility even when it is the woman who consumes it. Experts explain that THC present in the vagina and uterus can also affect the mobility of sperm.

However, the number of studies on the use of marijuana is still very scarce, because in many countries it is still illegal. Unfortunately, many of the studies and conclusions must be verified in more studies to achieve reproducible results that represent the general population.

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