6 Things to about your Vagina that no One will tell you!

Because your intimate area also deserves your care.

Your vagina, Being one of the centre of sexual pleasure, has several secrets that you should know and nobody has told you so far.

Do you want to know them?

1. The vagina can be extended up to 200%

The average size is about 7 centimetres, but the vagina is not rigid and can expand to reach 200% of its size. Calculate that a baby has to pass through there at the time of delivery!

2. It can fall

Yes, I imagine your expression, but it is still a reality that nobody tells you. As I explained in the previous point, the vagina is elastic and there are factors such as age, weight and smoking that can cause it to sag and even fall.

Fortunately, this has a solution and consists of a simple surgical intervention.

3. Your vagina has to exercise

The Kegel exercises are fundamental to maintain muscle tone in the area, especially during childbirth. Performing this type of movement can help you defend against urinary infections and even increase the power of orgasms.

To perform them, it is necessary to lie on your back and tenses the muscles of the perineum. You have to leave them tense for 5 seconds, then relax and start again. Try to increase the duration of each of these exercises to achieve a tone much more quickly.

4. You should not wash your vagina

I do not mean the hygiene of every day, but it is necessary to avoid douching which destroy the bacteria inside your vagina, Which helps the woman to stay much healthier.

So you know, no intimate showers or anything like it!

5. Nylon underwear causes infections

It is proven that the use of nylon underwear , especially when tight, can cause fungal infections in the area of the vagina . To avoid this, always use comfortable cotton underwear, especially to sleep during the night.

6. When to consult the doctor

If you feel an itching that lasts more than a week, burning or if your flow is not clear and smells bad, do not hesitate to consult your gynaecologist.

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