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8 Weird Things from Women Which Excite Men

According to a University of Illinois study, they experience changes in heart rate, that is your heart emits 75 beats per minute, your Testicles increase up to 50% and release a liquid called Presemen.

Ok, knowing their reactions when you approach them, you have to be aware of those strange things that put them in the mode to have a sexual relationship. You will be surprised and assured that if today you are looking forward to an orgasm, using them to your advantage will make it easier. To seduce him!

1. Smell of Lavender and Desserts

To compensate your sexual desire and desire to be intimate with your boy, there is no day, much less time. However, what you can play is with smells and food, as an investigation by the Center for Research on the Smell and Taste of Chicago, United States, found that the male sex with the aroma of lavender and the knowledge that in the oven or refrigerator is waiting for a delicious dessert. [ You Might Interested to Read this: Exercises That Make You Better At Bed ]

2. Fear

Are you serious? Just as you read it! You will notice that you are in the mood to have sex with you when after parachuting from a plane, paragliding or any other extreme adventure, get ready to have a romantic dinner. That adrenaline will take effect and you will want to relax in bed, under the shower, in the pool or even in the living room by the fireplace.

3. Forbidden

If your boy proposed to have sex at home, while your mother-in-law is visiting, what would you do? The most daring will say yes, while the conservatives will think twice, even if they die of hunger. Not that we are vetoing the idea of ​​having sex in a situation like this, but they are fascinated to feel that they could be surprised and that excites them. [  You Might Interested to Read this: Know The Science behind Women’s Sexual Pleasure ]

4. Lingerie, Outfits, Lipstick, Sheets in shades of Red

Hence the importance of learning to play with these elements if you feel like seducing a man. But why does red make you want so much?

A study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology confirmed that a man is more attracted to a girl who wears a red dress than a girl who bears another color. This happens because they relate that tone to fertility. What’s more, 6 out of 10 guys get more excited when they see their girl in this color lingerie. Do it in double when you go shopping at the sex shop and choose those pieces made from silk, lace and transparencies. You will see that it has been your best investment in months!

5. Wide Hips

As a good Latina, you have no problem with this requirement. For them, your hips are related to having the ability to have healthy and strong children, as demonstrated by the University of Pittsburgh, so feel happy and do not say more. Brag about them!

6. Security

They die for having a relationship with a girl who, in addition to loving their sensuality, be open-minded, fearless or fearful and above all independent. Sometimes it scares them to be so determined, but at the same time it excites them.

7. Smile

Have you noticed the reaction of a man when you smile at him in a bar? It is much assimilated to: “Come here to pamper yourself.” This happens because the male sex relates the laughter to the sexual moans that women emit during sex and also because it turns out to be a relaxant for them that distances them from their worries, says the University of Basel, Switzerland.

8. The Whisper

Test it one day of those who walk well on. You will increase your excitement if you enjoy a rich dinner in a restaurant in the city, you approach him and tell him that you are wearing two pieces of tiny lingerie, with transparent transparencies and that you would love him. [You Might Interested to Read this: Four Tricks to have more Confidence in Sex ]