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What Changes your Body gets when you ‘LOVE’ before 18!

According to experts, men should not have sex before age 20 and before age 18 for women. Prof. Dr. Nguyen, Director of Institute for Reproductive Health and Family said human sexual instinct appears most clearly began in adolescence.

Demand for sex and puberty

Puberty starts from stage teenager and ended in early adolescence stage. First, the sex organs begin signaling activity period of sexual maturity. The gonads during this period active and gender dominance clearly appeared under the effect of hormonal activity have also been developed.

In parallel, reproductive function are also formed to maintain the race. Upon entering puberty, sexual needs also began to appear. Strong stimuli such as watching movies, reading pornographic, sexual or intimate closeness between men and women excessive libido makes prone euphoria. If the lack of sense of ownership itself, can not restrain themselves, they can exceed the limits, affecting the emotional and physical development in adulthood.

sexually transmitted infection
sexually transmitted infection

Therefore, experts recommend that men should not have sex before age 20 and before age 18 for women. At this age, your body physically incomplete, moreover there is no psychological preparation, sexual knowledge is limited, it is difficult to avoid the unfortunate consequences. They are very susceptible to sexually transmitted infection (including HIV / AIDS), genital infections, leading to infertility. In particular, are the most common consequences of unwanted pregnancies.

According to the German professor, pregnancy in girls under 18 years 5 times dangerous pregnant women aged 24-25. In fact, at this age, usually they will choose to abortion and leads to many other implications.

The danger when minors abortion

Doctor Conscience multiple, Vice-Dean Family Planning, Maternity Hospital in Hanoi, said: “Each year, We Obstetrics Hospital receiving treatment 15,000-20,000 abortions, which has to 15-20% of adolescent girls, many children only 12-13 years old. ”

minors abortions
minors abortions

Who directly perform tricks for minor cases of pregnancy, doctors recommend multiple absolutely should not and need early relations prevent pregnant girls at this age. The difference is easy to see when an abortion, young women often feel pain than other women. The doctor is haunted cries, screaming mothers of children old enough chatter, his niece.

The reason is that minors who are pregnant or have children yet ever so small vagina, putting instruments on, they hardly avoid the pain.The doctor warned though abortion is a technique doctors performed virtuosity but during the procedure can not exclude the immediate complications such as shock, bleeding, perforation of the uterus.

If patients with heart disease, lung, the situation will become more dangerous. After the procedure, the patient may be bleeding, haemorrhage, retained placenta, incomplete abortion, infection. In the long term, we will leave sequelae stick uterus, infertility, even mentally for missed abortion baby while still too young .

 pregnancies rampant desire
pregnancies rampant desire

Therefore, experts recommend that parents should be more concerned about their children, tries to control the orientation of the adolescent age, relationship status not so soon, indiscriminate and pregnancies rampant desire.

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