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Do you Know Why Women have Orgasms While they Sleep

Did you wake up in the middle of the night excited and wondering if you had an orgasm in your dreams?

The answer is probably yes. Women have orgasms while they sleep, but not in the same way as men.

In an interview with the Women’s Health site, Dr. Michael Krychman, gynecologist and director of the Southern California Sexual Health Center, explains that women can have erotic dreams that end in orgasms, which is the rhythmic contraction of the pelvic muscles and what It triggers the release of neurotransmitters that create euphoria in the brain. The relationship between your brain and your body creates sensations that may tempt you to repeat this type of orgasm.

It sounds logical that when your brain is awake it creates the ideal situation to have excellent orgasms, but when you sleep your body is in a position to have an orgasm. According to Krychman when sleeping you are in a relaxed state that allows your subconscious to explore various aspects of your life, including sex.

How does a Woman Orgasm work while you sleep?

What causes you to come in your dreams is due to REM, rapid eye movement.

Dr. Jose Colon an author of ‘The Sleep Diet: a Novel Approach to Insomnia and founder of Paradise Sleep’, points out that sleep consists of cycles. During REM, your dreams are as active as if you were awake and during that time they are more vivid.

While you are in REM, you are practically paralyzed, so you can not consciously move your body and touch some regions to improve the pleasure of an orgasm.

Although physically you are not the one who is promoting these orgasms, the sensations are very real for your brain. In the REM your body experiences automatic fluctuations, that is, the blood in your body starts to flow more and this includes your sexual organs. In the case of men this circulation causes them to wake up with an erection, but in women, it causes the excitement of the clitoris, says Colon.

If you combine that blood starts with an erotic dream, you can eventually dream that you have an orgasm or actually have one. Your body can react as if it happened in real life. Unlike men, who have physical evidence of their wet dreams, women may not notice us if we experience an orgasm when we wake up or if we only dream that we had it, either of which can be quite satisfactory.

Although it has only been a dream, they can be very intense and reach the point of feeling like reality.

How can I provoke it?

Maybe you already experienced it, but if you do not remember it or have never experienced this magic of orgasm while you sleep, there are several things you can try. Having orgasms followed while you’re awake can be a boost to your body wanting more pleasure, Krychman says. The better orgasms you have, the more you will love them.

If you really want to have more while you sleep, Colon says that you can train your own body to have lucid dreams, which are when your body is aware that you are dreaming and can manipulate what you dream.

The first step to having lucid dreams is to have the intention to do it. When you go to sleep, think of a scenario that you would like to see. Do not try too hard, since part of the beauty of the dream is that it relaxes you completely. When you wake up, write what you dreamed every morning, even if you have not been lucid.

According to Colon, if you do not write it when you wake up, you probably forget it and this step is important because it will allow you to see the pattern of your dreams. The more you identify this, the more you will recognize your type of dream. This realization can help you control how they flow and change what you see.

One way to realize that you are dreaming is to notice the patterns that do not fit. For example, you have dreamed of something supernatural or strange that could not exist.

Finally, use the times when you wake up in your favor, nobody sleeps all night followed. According to Colon, we all woke up four or six times each night. The deepest sleep is in the second half of the night. Every time you wake up, try to think about the intention of your lucid dream and bring your mind to those sexist thoughts.

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