Don’t let Work Stress Control your Life: Tips for not Running out of the Office

The stress is one of the diseases which affect most on the health of modern People, Stress causes because of the hectic pace of life in big cities and other factors such as weather, traffic or work pressure.

It is precisely the office where we can feel the most stress. It can even cause us some helplessness in the face of the great tension that work or coexistence with colleagues or bosses produces.

Thinking about that, experts suggest following recommendations so you can control the situation and relax.

Identify what causes your stress

Usually, your personality or previous experiences influence the way you respond to stress. For example, some situations that for others are serious, for you it may not be a big deal, and the same happens in reverse.

To be able to attack stress in an effective way, it is best to identify what exactly dislikes you.

For a week or two, keep track of all actions or people that trigger a negative reaction in you. Describe the situations with the following questions:

  1. Where it was?
  2. Who was involved?
  3. What was my reaction?
  4. How I felt?

After that, evaluate the answers and you can find what affects you so much, to the degree that it causes you stress.

Face the problem

When you identify the factors that cause your stress, look for ways to solve them.

For example, if work accumulates week by week and seems endless, it would be a good idea to find a way to organize your tasks, but without sacrificing free time, since you could have even more stress.

Manage your time in a better way

Experts say it is worth improving the ability to manage your time, especially if you tend to be overwhelmed or pressured to deliver your work pending.

You must set realistic goals. Putting a short time frame for a great project will only cause you to feel overwhelmed very soon. Better create a list of priorities, so you can meet the most important commitments first and then you can complete the others.

Keep Perspective

Sometimes, if you are very overwhelmed by work, you may feel that it absorbs your entire life. That is why you should always keep a clear perspective.

Get other points of view, talk with friends or colleagues to whom you have a lot of confidence. They will know how to give you advice to solve your situation. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone to clear your mind and resolve the conflict.

Sometimes, it is better to take a short break so you can think about things quietly and design action plans. If you take a vacation enjoy them, do not check your email or accept calls from the office.

A good method to relieve stress is to have a hobby: riding a bike, going to the gym, going out with your friends or spending time with your partner are excellent options. Especially take care of your health, uncontrolled stress can take its toll on your body.

If none of these recommendations work for you, seriously consider going to a specialist. The expert will recommend specific actions to control your stress.

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