World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

‘The joy of living is right inside you’: World’s oldest yoga instructor, 98, shares the mantras she swears by – after teaching for more than 75 YEARS

Tao Porchon-Lynch, 98, has been getting up at 5am to teach yoga for more than 75 years.  Now, the world’s oldest yoga instructor, who was raised in India and lives in New York, has shared her advice and the mantras she swears by in life.

World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher – Stuffedition

World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher – Stuffedition

As part of the ‘Power of She’ movement for Athleta, Mrs Porchon-Lynch appeared in a video alongside Dr. Terri Kennedy, a ‘Master Life Coach’ she teaches with.

‘Anything is possible, nothing is impossible,’ Mrs Porchon-Lynch said.

‘When you wake up every morning say “this is going to be the best day of my life” and it will be.’

When Mrs Porchon-Lynch was just eight-years-old she was told yoga wasn’t ‘lady-like’ when she expressed interest in it.

But the determined yogi joined a bunch of young boys doing it and eventually convinced a yoga master to allow her to join his class.

‘It’s an incredible collaboration.’

Mrs Porchon-Lynch concluded the video by sharing a piece of advice.  ‘Know that the joy of living is right inside of you,’ she said.

‘Live it, believe in it.’

Yoga isn’t the only craft Mrs Porchon-Lynch has mastered however, with the spirited yogi also talented at ballroom dancing. She was also a fashion model in her youth and acted in movies including 1951’s Show Boat and 1954 film The Last Time I saw Paris, starring Elizabeth Taylor.

Mrs Porchon-Lynch – whose husband of 20 years, Bill Lynch, died in 1982 – says that the ancient practice not only keeps her body young, but it improves her mind and soul as well.

That’s not to say that time hasn’t taken an inevitable toll on her health; just a few years ago, she had to have a total hip replacement, and in 2011 she broke her wrist.

But rather than let injuries slow her down, Mrs Porchon-Lynch perseveres and feels younger and stronger every day – one of her secrets being a vegetarian diet of small portions, with the occasional glass of wine and piece of chocolate.


Source: Dailymail

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