Young Women are More likely to be Depressed than Men

The phenomenon of “sad girls” really exists – and it is worrying.

A lot has been written about the phenomenon of “Sad Girls” . On the subject of death ailment and depression, Netflix with dead girls lie not recently also the appropriate (albeit critical) series. But are young women really more vulnerable to depression than their males?

A recent study, which recently appeared in the medical journal Translational Psychiatry , concluded that girls are three times as likely to suffer from early depression during their adolescence than boys. Over one third of all female teenagers currently suffer from depression or have had a depression in the past. In male teenagers, however, only 13.6 percent are affected.

Dr. Joshua Breslau and his colleagues have analyzed the data of more than 100,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 17 who are from a representative survey of the American National Survey of Drug Use and Health. The main focus of the current study was on the issues of depression, suicide and behavioural problems such as shoplifting, violence and the wearing of weapons. Also interesting to the researchers was how depression affected sufferers in their education or interpersonal relations.

As Breslau explained, his team and he had come to two groundbreaking findings: On the one hand, the study showed that the proportion of depressed young people is generally much higher than expected. On the other hand, the risk of developing a depression is increased in girls from childhood. This means that young women become depressed much earlier than researchers have hit her to assumed.

The likelihood of young girls suffering from depression is 2.8 times that of boys at the age of twelve. For 13 to 16 year-olds it is even between 3.1 and 4.0 times higher. In addition, the researchers found that young women “have significantly more impairments in all areas and the number of suicide attempts [among young women] is higher.”

The study does not know why young people and especially young women are suffering from depression. For this, insights were gained into the behaviour of adolescents who suffer from depression in the long term or very early. The result: The prevalence of suicide attempts is above 15 percent for girls as well as for boys who have experienced depression early. For this reason, the researchers are convinced that “a ‘wait-and-see attitude’ for depression with an early onset is not to be supported from the clinical point of view”.

For Dr. Joshua Breslau  It is important to raise awareness that all persons suffering from depression should be given treatment. In future studies, he and his team will focus on smaller groups of people to more clearly determine “in which case depressive juveniles benefit most from treatment and when the probability of their condition improves by themselves.”

Source: Broadly

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