The list of things to take with you Zombie Apocalypse Survival / Nuclear Attack

Some time ago anyone who began to prepare for a nuclear catastrophe or a zombie apocalypse would have been labeled paranoid or at least too cautious, especially when you live in places where no strange experiments are done, no diplomatic or no conflicts there are nuclear plants.

But since North Korea and the United States continue to challenge the throne of the country with less sense of responsibility in the world, things have changed, causing all of us to take into account some advice on what things we should not forget to carry with us in case of a zombie catastrophe or a nuclear weapon attack .

Water, Food, Soap

There are many basic things that we can not forget to take with us, among which water occupies a place of vital importance, especially considering that it is probable that after the catastrophe the different sources from where it is obtained finish contaminated.

It is also important to have stored food in case after the catastrophe we are locked in some room with the zombie watching from outside. Supermarkets are likely to become part of the past after the nuclear attack in our country, at least until things get back on track. The canned food or Tupperware will become your new best friend. And if you have pets they will also need extra supplies.

Remember to take into account cleaning products such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap or shampoo. Believe me, other people will thank you. However, the hair conditioner is banned after a nuclear catastrophe, although in case the catastrophe is not nuclear a zombie catastrophe there is no reason why you can not wear a beautiful silky hair.

Lenses, Medications, Contraceptives

In case you are as short-sighted as I should perhaps consider wearing a second pair of glasses or maybe three because you never know what can happen to them during a catastrophe. In my case, without glasses, it is as if I am blind. I really do not want that to happen. I would become zombie food in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, if you have any medical condition that should be treated with medications such as ASM (Abnormal Situation Management) to or diabetes, you probably want to consider bringing a good base of them with you. You can also take medications for a migraine, because although they are usually bad for your health, I do not think they are worse than facing zombies with an intense headache.

On the other hand, contraceptives should also have their place, especially if in spite of all the problems in the world you plan to have a little fun. The idea of bringing a baby into the zombie world or after a nuclear attack seems quite questionable.

Products for the Exploration

In the event that the catastrophe is so great as to finish with the great part of the buildings or in the case that you have to go out to face the zombies, there are certain articles that will be necessary, starting with the defense weapons as they can be a knife, pepper spray or perhaps a shotgun.

The masks must also have a place in your backpack, especially if you decide to go outside. Masks can be an interesting option to avoid the radiation of the bombs or to protect you in the event that the zombie condition is contagious through the air.

Nor should you forget to get a few maps of the city in which you live and even from nearby cities. If there is one thing I have learned from zombie games is that the map is perhaps the most important thing we have after our prized shotgun. Flashlights! You should also bring several flashlights with you. The night can be dark, and maybe even the day.

The Bureaucracy does not Disappear

The bureaucracy is perhaps one of the worst evils that our world suffers, making it hard to believe you can get to be eradicated even in extreme conditions.

To avoid unpleasant surprises it is advisable to take with you all the papers that credit your property on your house, your car or even show that you have a bank account with money inside.

Probably the Internet will not work for a long time in case the catastrophe or invasion is worldwide. The printed documents are unquestionable in cases like this.

Radio, Deck of Cards, Chocolate

Let’s face it: in case the harsh conditions of the catastrophe extend for a long time we will not be able to survive without chocolate. Those happy times when we bought chocolate bars in the kiosks or supermarkets nearby have been in the past, so bringing with us a good amount of them may end up becoming the new millionaires of the new world.

It may also be important to carry a deck of cards or some form of entertainment. In the case of being locked up in a small place with many unknown people, there is nothing like the table games or letters to strengthen the confidence or to kill the boredom.

In the case of an emergency, it is always important to be aware of the news to know where we should go or how we should act according to government plans. However, television or cell phones may not work properly. In that case, it is quite likely that governments decide to use radio as a means of communication, so having one of them on our list of things to have in case of emergencies seems a really sensible step.

Neither should you forget to take with you batteries for the radio, otherwise, you will not be able to use it for a long time. I do not recommend carrying an electric radio because perhaps the electricity does not work for a good time, although you can do it if you are an optimistic person.

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