16 Benefits of Breastfeeding Mothers

Many  People believe that breastfeeding mothers will do a loop of sagging. So many pregnant mothers after birth gave the bottle immediately. But this decision is personal but no one can deny the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. If she is considering this issue, here are some reasons can convince people join my mother breast feeding there.

1. Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

According to medical research, nursing mothers can reduce the risk of breast cancer by about 4%. This number is not large but it is clear that trying to reduce the risk of breast cancer by any method that is definitely a good decision breast milk

2. Breast Milk is very Nutritious for Babies

Breastmilk is created specifically for the tiny body of the infant. In the first few days after birth, the mother produces colostrum, which is much higher nutrition of breast milk even days later. Colostrum is extremely good for the liver, the intestines and the immune system of the baby. It can be said colostrum is the nutrition help children prepare “deal” with the world outside the hospital.

There are many mothers feel proud when breast feeding.

There are many mothers feel proud when breast feeding.

3. It Will be useful for the recovery of the mother after Delivery.

After birth, the genitalia may be slightly “messy” a little, but breastfeeding can help balance everything back to normal. Feeding immediately after birth stimulates the mother’s uterus early return old state. So breastfeeding sooner these hormones are adjusted to equilibrium as quickly, the mother will bleed less and uterus back to normal faster.

4. Baby Feeding helps produce more Milk

Do not worry about not having milk! As long as your baby is still nursing, breasts will continue to produce more milk. The World Health Organization encourages breastfeeding babies continuously for six months, but many of today’s mothers want to breastfeed longer. So do not worry mom, mother’s body will self-regulate to keep the milk until the mother wants to wean the baby.

5. Helps Children to Develop Immune System

New born baby really no immune system. The antibodies in breast milk helps babies formed a natural defense system of the body faster. Especially the first six-month period, if fully breastfed, the baby will be less at risk of ear infections, stomach infections. For all the wonderful antibodies in breast milk help her cope with the surrounding environment so that children less than Classified disease.

Breastfeeding mothers are not only good for your baby's health, but also help mount mother.

Breastfeeding mothers are not only good for your baby’s health, but also help mount mother.

6. Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer in the Mother

Over 50% of women at risk for the formation and development of ovarian cancer. With the initial symptoms are often unclear, difficult for ovarian cancer screening and was dubbed the “silent killer”. Fortunately for mothers that breastfeeding reduces the risk of ovarian cancer to 27%.

7. Build a great connection between Mother and Baby

After childbirth, many mothers feel isolated from children deeply and can not be explained. Sometimes it’s hard to build connections with newborn boy. If she feared she did not close the breastfeeding baby is the best solution. For some mothers, breast feeding means that building a deep bond and have more time to play with your children kids.

8. Create Happy Hormones.

Hormones have a tremendous impact on the mood of the mother. And did you know that the hormones produced during breastfeeding helps mother find more joyful?

9. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Breastfeeding may help prevent diabetes in both mother and infant. There is a statistically high percentage on each infant is breastfed, the risk of becoming diabetic adults significantly reduced. Indeed, breastfed babies are less likely infected with diabetes in their lifetime.

10. Breastfeeding helps to Stay Young Stable long-term Weight

Breastfeeding helps the mother’s kids have the ability to maintain healthy eating habits for life. How this can happen is it? According to the study, babies are breastfed often gain weight at a steady rate and slower, this is very good to maintain a feeling of fullness in the future. When breast fed by the mother, the child can actively decide when they are hungry, allowing them to learn and detect when they are full. This is very helpful in preventing obesity as children grow older.

For babies, the first milk called colostrum also is extremely valuable

For babies, the first milk called colostrum also is extremely valuable

11. She can Express milk in the bottle for feeding

Immediately after birth, the mother may again fall into the rotation busy. Fortunately, she did not need to be present continuously for feeding. Mother can express milk into a pot and slowly drinking infant. While working mothers, the caregiver can feeding milk from bottle. I will not give up his active life even when mothers choose to breastfeed.

12. She do not need to prepare anything physically during pregnancy to breastfeeding

There are dozens of things to consider when preparing your body for pregnancy and childbirth. Fortunately, she did not need anything to be able to prepare for breastfeeding.

13. She can join breastfeeding classes to understand some basics

If she wants to learn more about raising children in the period while pregnant, she can take a breastfeeding class before birth. Some basic tips that can offer classes such as how to hold your baby while breastfeeding, keeping the baby warm in the womb will help mothers better understand what to do and not embarrassed to breastfeed true.

14. Breastfeeding can help women lose weight

All moms know the difficulties of weight loss after birth and breastfeeding is a simple way to help mothers do this. Of course, she also needs a diet and reasonable exercise to lose weight as desired.

15. She will always get the support

Breastfeeding is a personal work, but does not mean that no one helped her. Doctors will learn how to support mothers to breastfeed and monitor the process of breastfeeding mothers. Many hospitals also support counseling services for nursing mothers, so mothers can ask anyone, nurse, nurses, hospital staff to learn breastfeeding.

16. She can always try to breastfeed for a few days

If breastfeeding mother determination formula, it completely wrong. But if you want long-term breastfeeding, mothers try to do this in the first few days after birth, while still in the hospital. The first two days is the time for great breastfeeding, for both mother and baby. For babies, the first milk called colostrum also is extremely valuable.

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