17 Movies that NOBODY Understand at First and Gave a Knot in the Head

The “u?” Feeling is inevitable when you finish watching some movies that, at least right away, do not seem to make sense. With very confusing stories or absurd twists, these 17 productions need that second aid to be unraveled.

17 Top Most Difficult Movies to Understand after First View

“Donnie Darko”

If someone tells you that you understood “Donnie Darko” right away, be suspicious. It is no wonder that the film is one of the number of fan theories: there are several interpretations of the story starring Jake Gyllenhaal – including black holes, time travel and psychosis.
Set in the late 80’s, the film follows Donnie who, after receiving the visit of the Frank Bunny, has a prediction about the end of the world and embarks on a journey totally confused: first, it is difficult to understand what is present and future and which is hallucination of the protagonist. To this day, a lot of people believe the ending just does not make sense.

The most famous theories are that “Donnie Darko” explores the interdimensional line: instead of time travel, it is a story told in different dimensions of the universe. In one of the lines, Donnie is saved, and in the other is a fatal victim of the plane turbine that falls on top of his house.

“This Inception”

The spinning top in the final scene of the movie certainly left many question marks in the minds of those watching. The feature film starring Leonardo DiCaprio combines the real world and the dream world in the story of a thief who specializes in extracting information from the subconscious of others.

Here it was difficult to understand if, in the end, it was all dream or everything real and in what moments the scenery changed. After years of theory, actor Michael Caine clarified the doubt by reporting a conversation he had with director of “The Origin”, Christopher Nolan.

“When I got the script, I got a bit confused and said to him, ‘I do not understand where the dream is. When is a dream and when is it a reality? ‘ He replied, ‘Well, if you’re on the scene, it’s reality.’ So that’s it: if I’m on the scene, it’s reality. If I’m not, it’s a dream. ” As the character of Cane is in the final sequence: it is real, yes.

“Fear Island”

We spent the entire movie thinking something to finally find out that it was something completely different. In “Island of Fear”, Leonardo DiCaprio is an investigator accompanying the operation of a psychiatric hospital. He was one of the patients receiving treatment, but he thought he was a detective.

Since nobody was prepared for this plot, the details that denounced the true situation of the character ended up going unnoticed, but a second session reveals all. One of the clearest examples is fire: every time the protagonist is close to the flames, he suffers some hallucination – a reference to how his wife killed his children.


Despite being a fairly simple story, the way it is told has left many people confused. With a back-and-forth in the timeline, the film follows the journey of a man who, after an accident, suffers from a kind of amnesia that prevents him from storing new memories.

The film is from the same director of “The Origin”, Christopher Nolan, and again, the “enemy” is not the script, but the attention it requires to understand the events. The scenes are divided into three different timelines and some moments are shown backwards.

“The Duplicate Man”

Adapted from the work of José Saramago and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, the film also yielded several theories and interpretations for the metaphors. In addition, the story of the teacher who discovers that he is identical to a famous actor is told in a nebulous sequence, which seems out of order.

In this case, the main divergences roll in relation to the spiders that appear in the film. What means? The strongest theories say they represent the women of Anthony’s life (Jake Gyllenhaal), or even symbolize the “webs” of fate and consciousness.

“Black Swan”

The film that gave an Oscar for Best Actress for Natalie Portman caused a mix of distress and confusion in those who watched. It took until the audience realized what Lily really meant, Mila Kunis’ character.

It turns out that the dancer felt so pressed by the work that created a sort of dark side of her own personality – incorporated by Lily, the Black Swan. The ending, then, was even more confusing. Nina (Natalia Portman) thinks she killed Lily, but in fact sacrificed herself for the prestige and perfection she sought.

Mr. Nobody”

Once again, the parallel universes make seemingly simple stories into seven-headed monsters. This is the case of “Mr. Nobody, “in which the protagonist Jared Leto deals with the consequences of each of his choices seeing in life, in a kind of” Butterfly Effect. “

The problem is that instead of going back in time, each decision leads to a different line. In the end, he ends up dying on all timelines, except one (in which he meets a girl he was passionate about) and this is the true end of the story.


One of the most talked about films of 2018 not only confused, but also shocked the audience in the movies. Full of tense moments that apparently do not have much explanation, “Mother!” Was a full plate for those who like to find metaphors and hidden interpretations.

The tip here is watch again to catch all the references. Interpreted as a narrative about the creation of the world, there are various historical elements such as characters and passages from the bible (God, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, the apocalypse, etc.). In addition, there is also the interpretation about the birth and destruction of the planet Earth – the “Mother” – by man.

“The illuminated”

One of Stanley Kubrick’s classics is a mental game with the viewer. So much so that each time you watch, you will find a new element that you have not noticed: hidden objects, ghosts, messages and background information are all part of the mythology of “The Enlightened One.”

Inspired by Stephen King’s work, the finale of the film is discussed to this day because, after the protagonist’s death, the camera shows a photo of him dated 1921, but the story clearly moves closer to the present day. The question remains: who was he, then? Where he came from?


More than space travel, “Interstellar” also mixes scientific concepts of the passage of time, such as the theory of relativity and wormholes. That’s why it’s harder to keep up with the pace of the years in history.

If inside the ship where the protagonist is Matthew McCounaghey time passes in hours, on Earth, are years of travel. This mechanics makes past and future intersect.

This is because as they travel through the wormhole, characters can communicate with themselves in the past – which brings us back to the starting point of the movie, when the protagonist and his daughter are given enigmatic messages and think they are communicating with beings of another dimension. Well, better watch it again.

“Fight Club”

The psychological plot mixes reality and fantasy to tell a story that, at first, is hard to find meaning. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton play two personalities of the same person in a Fight Club where men gather to discount frustration in violence against each other.

As the film begins already in the midst of chaos, we only find out in the end that Brad Pitt’s character does not really exist – although some theories say he’s real, yes. There is no shortage of theories and explanations to explain what happens in the narrator’s mind, but the clearest reflection is on the projection of repressed wills.

“The arrival”

The film surprised to give a new format to the passage of time. In “The Arrival”, alien beings transform the concept of time and history is told in a non-linear way, as we are accustomed, which ends up leaving everyone confused right away.

Throughout the plot, as we begin to better understand the aliens and their language system studied by the character of Amy Adams is that distrust begins to emerge that present and future are one thing only in this story.

“The Predestined One”

The main cause of confusion in this case is that it is difficult to quickly understand what is the beginning, middle and end of the story, since the film accompanies an agent who travels in time to avoid catastrophes. While one question is answered, several questions are raised.

The big point of the film is to make the viewer understand the connection between all the characters and the relation of cause and consequence – it was he who provoked the events that, later, he had to avoid. In time travel, the protagonist ends up falling into a looping that raises the classic question “what came first: the egg or the chicken?”.

“2001: A Space Odyssey”

One of the classics of science fiction, the film is not difficult to understand. What we get here is the amount of unexplained elements: the apparitions of the monolith, the emotional capacity of the robot, the final sequence full of, it seems, mysticism. What does it all mean?

As the proposal is precisely to raise philosophical reflection, the answers to this are always open to interpretation. However, director Stanley Kubrick has remedied at least one of the doubts: the meaning of the baby that appears in the film.

“When the story of Bowman [the protagonist] ends, he is transformed into a kind of superhuman and sent back to Earth. We just have to imagine what happens when he comes back, “the filmmaker said in an interview with director Jun’ichi Yaoi in 1980.


When reflecting on the failure of society, “Dogville” uses features so abstract that there is imagination to try to understand – so the film of the eccentric director Lars Von Trier may seem completely meaningless at first.

One of the interpretations is to look at Grace, Nicole Kidman’s character, as a representation of innocence or neutrality. Upon reaching the isolated community of Dogville, it begins to be corrupted to serve the wills of the members, who, perceiving that they have power over it, become more and more greedy.

“City of Dreams”

With more than two hours in duration, there is patience and imagination to try to understand “City of Dreams”. The film follows two women, played by Naomi Watts and Laura Harring, who have their lives crossed on a terrible path that mixes reality and nightmare.

In this case, the mystery revolves around not only which people are real in history, but which roles they actually interpret. Here the tip is to pay attention to a blue box that appears in the story: it symbolizes the consciousness of the protagonist Diane, who when it enters her, is brought back to the real world.

“American Psycho”

The acclaimed film starring Christian Bale is easy to understand for 99% of the time – the end is that it left everyone full of questions in the head. In the final scene, everything goes out of control, he ends up killing another person and confesses his crimes after a persecution that does not seem to make sense.

There are many theories as to what this madness might mean and one of them is that the protagonist was not really a serial killer but a disturbed man with a very fertile imagination – so all the atrocities we’ve seen him commit are only projections sadistic

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