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4 Best Camera Apps to take more Beautiful Photos in your Phone Camera

There are cell phone cameras that take pictures so good that they can be compared to professional ones, but most smartphones still have few resources to make a good click. Editing apps give a boost when it comes to “fixing” the images, but it is also possible to download some tools that can be used to boost the camera itself.

Apps to boost your phone camera – A Better Camera (Android)

The application offers many tools more than the common camera that is installed on most Androids. The great advantage of the program is the vast settings menu, which offers options for exposure, flash, focus, night mode and sharpness.

It is as if the app turns your cell phone camera into a less complex semi-professional. In order not to suffer, you need to be familiar with some terms from the world of photography.

Camera360 (Android and iOS)

The Camera360 is a great choice for anyone who is a fan of selfies. The application offers from the most basic tools, such as filters and masks, to more advanced ones, such as focus and color enhancement options. It also serves as an editor for photos imported from the gallery.

Camera FV-5 (Android)

This is a very complete application, being used, even, by professional photographers who want to upgrade the phone’s camera. Therefore, it is not so intuitive, but it is worth spending some time studying its functions to make beautiful portraits.

Basically, it provides all the functions that a professional camera offers, including a powerful stabilizer to keep your photos from blurry.

Camera + 2 (iOS)

It is very similar to the FV-5, but it is for those who use iPhone. The app even has an integrated image editor, which makes it easy to retouch images. The only thing is that it is not free: it costs R $ 18 on the App Store. For those who want to have a complete photography app on iOS, it is worth investing.

A1 SuperSlo Shutter Camera (iOS) and Long Exposure Camera 2 (Android)

Those super conceptual photos that show the lights of cars “in motion” are made with long exposure, a feature in which the camera lets in a lot of light. You can take pictures like that with the help of these two apps.


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