Sex and Health – How does the amount of Sex affect our Health?

Certainly, many people wonder how sex, or the lack of it, affects our health. Is there a ‘right’ amount of sex that has a positive effect on the body, and can the lack of sex for a long time have negative side effects?

How often you have sex naturally fluctuates from time to time. It depends on age, libido fluctuations, or relationship status. Although many people cannot imagine a relationship without sex, there are people who enjoy a fulfilling life without the sensations of bed. In a survey of 17,744 people in the United States, 15.2 percent. men and 26.7 percent. of women reported that they had not had sex in the last year, while 8.7 percent. men and 17.5 percent of women reported not having sex for 5 years or more.

How does sex affect our health physically and mentally? What happens to the body when a person has not had sex for a long time?

Sex – Effect on the Body

People who have not had sex for months or years, or who have their first time ahead of them, are unlikely to notice any negative side effects on the body. However, it is well known that regular sex can have some health benefits, such as improving immune system function, lowering blood pressure, increasing the level of endorphins (happiness hormones), and reducing stress. In men, frequent sexual activity reduces the risk of prostate cancer, while in women, it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and prevents urinary incontinence in later years.

Sex – Effects on Mental Health

It is commonly believed that regular sex is an important part of a person’s emotional well-being, although this is not the case for everyone. Involuntary sexual abstinence can have negative effects on mental health. Lack of sex in a relationship can cause anxiety and embarrassment. The most important thing is to talk to your other half about your emotions, which will help dispel doubts and remove any feeling of discomfort. There are also some people for whom it is important to avoid sex in good mental health. This may be due to many reasons, for example, low libido.

Sex – Influence on a Relationship

Many people have romantic, happy relationships without having frequent sex. For others, regular sex allows the passion in a relationship to be kept on a high level. It turns out there is a connection between having sex, among others. once a week and a higher level of satisfaction with the relationship. For some people, sex enhances the feeling of closeness in a relationship. People who feel they are not getting enough close-ups with their partner and are concerned that something is wrong may try other methods of building intimacy, such as hugging, kissing, and affectionate gestures. Opening up to each other and having frequent and honest conversations can improve any relationship, whether it is related to sexual activity or not.

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