Avengers Endgame : What happened to the Most Powerful Heroine?

The presence of Captain Marvel was announced as an event that was going to revolutionize the MCU . It is the most powerful heroine in this universe and also works as a nexus between Earth and the cosmic and spatial side of the saga. When Thanos’ fateful snap destroyed half of the universe, Nick Fury’s first quick reaction , before vanishing, was to contact Carol Danvers .

His film, starring Brie Larson and located in the 90s, was to be the forerunner of all the events we know and establish an alien mythology that could be very important in the future , as well as narrating not only the origins of heroin but also those of Fury, who would later be responsible for a small project called the “Avengers Initiative”.

All this, not to mention the symbolic power of being the first female character to star in her own Marvel blockbuster.

This last aspect was perhaps what allowed the good reception and even a certain indulgence on the part of the critic and the public, for a film that was quite disappointing, something that had not happened in the MCU for quite some time.

The Captain Marvel movie failed to give the character of Brie Larson that human and special dimension that characterizes the characters of the MCU , but at least introduced it in this universe and is now a prominent and powerful figure, who returns to join forces to those of the Avengers in times of apocalyptic crisis.

So, why Avengers: Endgame completely missed it?

Avengers Spoilers : Endgame

Carol Danvers appears floating in the middle of space at the start of Avengers: Endgame to rescue the ship in which Tony Stark and Nebula had been stranded. Rescue them hours before they run out of oxygen.

It seems an almost literal, identical to those that gave rise to the expression , but in reality it is not. Captain Marvel’s credits scene had placed her next to the rest of the surviving Avengers, who undoubtedly explained the situation and sent her to find her lost heroes.

Back on Earth, the scene already known to everyone who was in the progress occurs.

Carol Danvers, despite being virtually unknown to all, takes the initiative. “We’re going to look for the Gems, and we use them to bring everyone back,” he suggests.

“If we do, how do we know that this will not end the same as before?” Asks Bruce Banner. Carol responds: Because before they did not have me.

This is how important your presence is.

However, this mission is unsuccessful. They track Thanos but he already destroyed the gems, and a furious Thor decapitates him. End of the matter

This is one of four presences that Captain Marvel, explicitly the most powerful of those who have appeared on the screen, will have throughout the film.

When the temporary jump of five years takes place and the whole thing seems already forgotten, with the Avengers trying to overcome it and look forward, it has its second appearance.

It is a conference with Black Widow, in which he informs him that since then he will not hear from her for a while, since he must deal with other extraplanetary matters.

It’s basically the character announcing that he will not be in the rest of the movie. There will be reasons outside the fiction for it, perhaps, but we do not know them.

It’s true that inside the movie, it makes sense. It has been clearly established that the presence of Captain Marvel is fundamental in other parts of the cosmos and on other planets, and that’s why it never appeared throughout the MCU until now .

But when Ant-Man returns and the possibility arises of a new mission that undoes the effects of Thanos’ crack, his absence no longer seems reasonable.

Thanos annihilated half of life in the entire universe, not only on Earth, so that his mission falls under the jurisdiction of Captain Marvel. Why do not you contact her? Because it does not show up?

We do not know. Disappears throughout the film, except at the end, with another appearance deusexmachinesca , which makes a fundamental attack on Thanos ship.

His presence in the final battle serves as an excuse for the great feminist moment of Avengers: Endgame , so unusual, absurd and unjustified, so notoriously designed to exchange applause and autofelicitarse for his inclusive, but so out of touch with the film, which has been widely ridiculed and criticized, especially from feminism .

In that last battle, as we know, the protagonism is stolen by Tony Stark .

Captain Marvel is again relegated, in this case by an obvious narrative need.

We see her for the last time at the funeral of Tony Stark, that legendary superhero that she barely saw a couple of times in her life.

The most important and significant event in the history of the MCU is entirely without Captain Marvel, the most powerful heroine in this universe. It is a curious decision.

It is understood that the movie is more a farewell to the old heroes of the franchise than a welcome to the new, but Carol Danvers is located as one of the central figures in this new MCU that emerges from Endgame . It would have been good if we did not have to wait until then to see her in all her splendor.

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