Benefits of Interval Training for Quality of Sexual Life

Interval training is a very intense form of exercise. Which strengthens your entire body. The first effect will be slimming the figure of your body which is seen after few weeks. And, It even brings out other benefits as well which helps in the bedroom.

Interval Training is not for everyone

Interval training, so-called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or interval training, is a very intense and demanding form of physical activity. For people starting their adventure with sport, it may even be too harsh and tiring. However, it is worth convincing yourself. When we strengthen our body and “wear out” (let’s face it, soreness and liters of sweat are waiting for us), we start to feel the benefits of interval training. Also sexual Life!

What is Interval Training?

Intervals are single exercises. Their effectiveness is not due to the difficulties but to the intensity of the performance. One-hour classes alternate phases of very strenuous and vigorous training with phases of relatively moderate exercise. Cycles can be of different lengths. The type of exercise doesn’t really matter. Enthusiasts of this sport often choose cycling, running, boxing, high up, rowing. In fact, any exercise is suitable, and if done properly, it will bring results.

Interval Training – Effects

It is worth mentioning that interval training is based on anaerobic effort. Switching our body, your cells from aerobic to anaerobic work create what experts call the oxygen debt.” When we return to the normal state of oxygen respiration, the cells metabolize, and we get rid of the accumulated products of anaerobic respiration. This process affects and essentially accelerates fat burning.

And when the burning of unnecessary fat begins, of course, we lose weight and sculpt the muscles of the body. Interestingly, the intensity of interval training is so high that even after the end of the exercise, the body still burns fat! It can do this up to 48 hours after training. How it’s possible? Tired muscles need more energy than usual. Thanks to it, they can regenerate faster.

So it turns out that interval training burns fat during and after exercise. Interestingly, this type of sport can help us get rid of up to three times more calories than normal training, for example, aerobic or popular cardio.

What besides a slimmer body? The undoubted benefit is also the improvement of our condition and increased respiratory efficiency. In addition, we also improve our endurance.

And here the most interesting begins. It turns out that intervals can significantly improve the quality of sexual life!

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Interval Training and Sex Life

The fact that the hormones of happiness, called endorphins, affect our good mood, improve our well-being, and thus, in the long run, encourage us to play in the bedroom, I don’t think we need to remind anyone anymore.

Libido is also increased by, for example, aphrodisiacs. But sport? This is something new. It turns out that practicing sports itself does not affect the quality of our sex life. To support them, you need to choose a properly composing training. Intervals are just such training.

As we have already mentioned, this type of activity effectively and noticeably increases the body’s efficiency. In addition, it empowers our nervous system and stimulates the blood supply to tissues and internal organs. And all these three factors have a great influence on the quality of our sex.

What will help in the bedroom apart from the intervals?

Interval training is the best when we want to improve the condition, and endurance. Thanks to this, we will change beyond recognition also in the bedroom. However, this is not the only activity that will help us improve the quality of sex.

Strength exercises will also work great here. When we lift weights, we strengthen our muscles. And thanks to this, we have more strength to meet the most sophisticated sexual positions.

In addition, we should not forget about aerobic exercise. Swimming, running, cycling, or jumping rope will support the cardiovascular system. And this has a significant impact on the quality of games in the bedroom.

Additionally, we should strengthen the famous Kegel muscles. Famous because they are said a lot about them, but unfortunately they are rarely practiced properly. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles every day and soon you and your partner will enjoy otherworldly orgasms.

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