What is Petting? An Alternative for Sexual Intercourse

Petting is an alternative to sexual intercourse which stimulates the partners’ erogenous zones without intercourse of the penis into the vagina. There is less risk of becoming pregnant with petting.

What is Petting

Petting is caressing that precede or is an alternative to sexual intercourse. This is a common way of caressing young couples who are not ready for sex . Petting is a form of intercourse for long-term couples who are looking for a change in their sex lives. Petting is also a solution for couples who have to abstain from sex.

For example, for women at risk of pregnancy or for women in childbirth.

Petting Ways

There are no specific rules for petting. Each couple should work out their own ways to wake up. If you need guidance, then petting can be compared to long foreplay that requires both sides to self-control, not to overstep (remember, petting is not to insert a penis into the vagina) and patience, because finding erogenous zones – how to arouse a woman and how to wake a man up It takes time.

Is Petting a Sin?

Is petting a sin? If you are a believer and want to follow Catholic principles, you should refrain from petting. It is advisable to confess in petting which is considered a form of joint masturbation.

How to do petting

You can start by caressing your clothes and stimulating erogenous zones such as the lips, neck, neck, ears, and wrists. By gradually removing more garments, you can reveal the more hidden areas – breasts, buttocks, back, stomach, thighs. The genitals are the most sensitive to touch.

Petting is all about

kissing, warming erogenous zones with breath rubbing the genitals through clothing, finger stimulating in the genitals, stimulating the penis with the hand, Oral caresses (yes, petting includes oral sex, and sometimes also anal sex)

Petting and Pregnancy

Can you get pregnant? Petting is considered a method in which there is no risk of becoming pregnant. It’s not always like that. Sperm is already in the secretion that precedes ejaculation, and it’s easy to transfer on your fingers. Besides, there is a risk of ejaculating close to the vagina. To make sure that petting does not lead to pregnancy, you need to be careful.

For example, It’s better to practice petting in your underwear.

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