Researchers Reveals the unknown Truth about the Human Nose

According to the latest research by scientists at the University of London (UK), the difference in the shape and size of each individual tip comes from many reasons, but mainly due to the environment. For example, Europeans nose thinner tend to adapt to the cold and dry environment.

According to Dr. Adhikari at the University of London, a few studies have looked at how the normal facial features developed on European citizens. Both the environment and genes may play a role in determining the shape variations and human nose. The height and shape of the nose plays a significant role in regulating the temperature and humidity of the air.

Ruiz-Linares professor – a member of the team – said that the determination of how the activities of the human nose to help learn the genetic disorders related to abnormal facial: “The identification of the gene photos enjoyed nose shape to help us with a new tool to study the genetic disorders related to abnormal facial development as well as in other species face “.

Scientists from the University of London has created bioelectric nose can mimic the human nose to detect bacteria in water and a small amount of flavor, even when mixed with contaminated water. Flavoring industry could benefit from this device.

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