Five Beautiful Animals found only in the Arctic

Beluga whales, Polar Bears and Narwhals are the animals you would never see in any other place outside the Arctic.

Arctic Snow White Fox

Arctic Snow White Fox, makes it easy to absorb and retain heat to survive in the cold harsh Arctic. However, as we entered the summer, their white feathers are replaced with gray plumage. This Arctic Snow White Fox, can help disguise the ambient conditions for prey such as hares, birds…!!

White whale

White whale is the rarest animals on the planet, usually ranging from 4m – 6m and weigh up to 1.3 tons. They often create the flute and emit cries to communicate with each other. Beluga whales generally live in groups in the Arctic Ocean and subarctic.

Snowy owl

Snowy owl of the owl family, living mostly in the Arctic and can withstand temperatures down to -50 degrees below. Snowy owl is about 45cm tall and can reach a wingspan of 1.5m. This owl’s eyes are extremely keen. We can detect tiny animals even hide under the thick grass.

Narwhal whales

Narwhal whales or ivory, live year-round in the Arctic. Characteristic of the male narwhal tusk is long, straight and helical grooves. They use the tusks to fight with the enemy, or unicorn impress females in the mating season. Narwhals live in groups of about 20 individuals.

Polar bears

Polar bears seem to have become a symbol referring to the North Pole. They have thick coats help them survive in conditions extremely cold weather. Polar bears are excellent hunters in the Arctic, their diet is mostly fish and seals.

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