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Mysterious Aliens: To be or not exist? (Part 3)

In recent years, scientists have discovered a lot of planets could be eligible to the development of life. The problem is with the current level, humanity can not go there to verify. But with logical thinking plus what was detected, was enough to declare whether aliens are real?


From religious Doctrine and Scientific

Most religions that exist outside the human intelligent life forms, such as gods, angels, or even demonsSpirit are all life forms smart and obviously does not belong to our world. So there was fair to see if they are aliens? If this theory may seem generic, then in two great religions of mankind today is Christianity and Buddhism, there are specific theories about “another world”, that extraterrestrial life.

In Christianity, from 1277, Bishop Etienne Tempier of Paris was declared that God could have created “more than one world.” And in Buddhism, since the scriptures have mentioned the theory of “three great Christian world” (the world’s great natural 3,000) Shakyamuni As measured in the Buddhist,

1 chiliocosm world = 1.000,

1.000 chiliocosm = 1 medium worlds,

Mid 1000 natural disasters the world = 1 contemporary world.

So 3000 will be the world’s great natural world 3,000 billion.

In other words, Buddhism believes that up to 3,000 billion the world is like the world we live in. In the 16th century, Giordano Bruno that the universe is infinite and all the stars were the planets surrounding it. And until the invention of the telescope (17th century), people really believe in what Bruno said to see that the Earth is just one small planet in countless cosmic body.

So, the famous scientist Stephen Hawking as Carl Sagan and that “there is no reason that the resurrection can not exist anywhere other than Earth.”

This argument is based on the view Copernicus, that the Earth does not occupy a special place in the universe. So life could have developed in many places in the universe and can also switch back and forth between the planet livable. According to the computer simulation models, process similar to creating life on Earth could also be happening in other star systems with planets orbiting the star.

To practical efforts

To search for alien life, people use two common ways to search directly and indirectly. In direct bearing detectors to make the suspected planet to detect life, and indirectly using radio waves are detected, the telescope. Currently, the self-propelled robot on Mars has repeatedly the images are sent to the UFOs, aliens or animal. The findings of self-propelled machine also supports the hypothesis of water on the red planet, or in water, or at least had no life. A survey was conducted normally at a conference of the European Space Agency shows that 75% of participants believe scientists that life appeared on Mars, while 25% of scientists still believe life on Mars.

Since 2007, scientists on Earth have caught 18 times the radio signal (Fast Burst Radio – FRB). In it, notably once caught FRB 6 signal from the same location called FRB 121 102 galaxies in Auriga, Earth 3 billion light years. Each signal lasting only a few milliseconds, should be classified as rapid pulses of radio waves.

Although the scientists identified the location broadcast FRB but their origin remains a mystery, but the researchers said, repeating signal so obvious phenomenon is not happening once, as explosions or collisions.

Where are they?

A circle of wheat is believed the message of aliens sent to man

A circle of wheat is believed the message of aliens sent to man

Based on the FRB waves were obtained, some people believe that aliens are in our way FRB 121 102 3 billion light years. Meanwhile, many people believed that they were closer, somewhere in the galaxy near the Milky Way, the Milky Way, or even more recently in the solar system.

For example, earlier this year, NASA scientists have discovered 7 new planets may have life. These are planets similar size Earth, which has 3 planets orbiting its parent star at a distance appropriate to the water surface. The Earth planet 40 light years away, a distance close to the standard astronomy, but equivalent to 40 million years to move with the average speed of a passenger commercial aircraft. “This finding shows us that find a second Earth is only a matter of time” – the head scientist of NASA’s research department, said Thomas Zurbuchen, speaking at a press conference on 22 / 2.

However, some scientists believe that equate alien life forms with life forms on Earth, from which to look for aliens in the direction of tracing the environment in line with the Earth’s life forms a shortsighted direction. Specifically, the majority of life forms on Earth to survive and develop through the basic elements such as water and oxygen, but may be alien life forms do not need to water and oxygen to live. Recently, it was discovered Desulforudis audaxviator bacteria, also known as “gold bugs”, exists very deep, almost 3km underground, in an environment with no light and oxygen.

It lives entirely rely on radiation emitted from uranium. “This finding suggests the possibility to live in outer space creatures can survive, even eating the cosmic radiation instead need light, oxygen and carbon. Do not be excluded that such a life can exist in other corners of the universe and elsewhere, there are creatures use to survive cosmic rays “– says researcher Dimitra Atri.

Meanwhile, many people believe that aliens are “red” in a place very close to us, is the moon. According to this, the Moon is an artificial planet of aliens, based on the evidence on the composition and structure of the Moon shows it may be a product of technology and modern science . Others believe that aliens are not far away which is watching us. Backing for the aliens theory is watching people is the emergence of giant drawings on the wheat field (circle wheat), particularly popular in the UK.

The circle of wheat has 2 characteristics that the researchers believe that they can not be the product of man or nature:

(1) There is absolutely no trace sabotage

(2) structural molecules positioned on stalks of wheat bend affected by electromagnetic fields that crystallized, but continued to grow normally.


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