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Remote Control Sex Toy will Let You Pleasure Your Partner

Smartphones are getting smarter and they make the range of functionalities extremely broad. The sex toy industry is aware of this, so it decided to adapt to new technologies and achieved the unthinkable: through a cell phone to have sex with your partner , even if they are thousands of kilometers away .

The future Came: Sex with your partner at a distance

Francesca Gnecchi , communicator specializing in Human Sexuality and Director of Erotique Pink , explaines that the first remote sex toys began with remote-controlled vibrators . In which, your partner from from different location can control the vibrations and intensities of the toy. Of course, it only worked with short distances, as from one environment to another.

Time later, technological advances achieved the invention of interactive sex toys that allow you to have sex with your partner where the distance does not matters. Although they are in another continent, the toy will make it possible. How is it possible?

Remote sex:  New toy that makes it possible

The company specializing in sex toys, revolutionized the era of remote sex thanks to the creation of two products:

One is called Max and the other Nora. Both were built with advanced sensors, which allows you to feel the movements and actions of your partner almost in real time.

Max is a Male masturbator , Nora a female Vibrator .


This pair of sex toys are connected by Bluetooth using a tablet, cell phone or computer using the company’s application and synchronized according to the movements.

In this way, if you want to have sex at a distance , you can talk to your partner through a video call as you would normally and take your toy, which will respond to your movements and send a signal to your partner’s toy.

Max, the toy for men: when you slide the masturbator towards the penis, the head of her sex toy will begin to rotate. The faster the toy moves, the faster the vibrator will move from it.

Nora: The women’s toy when you move the vibrator, the air pump in your sex toy will begin to pump air, which mimics vaginal contractions. The speed of the movements dictates the level of contractions and vibrations that he feels.

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