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NASA: Earth protection methods from Alien Microbes

Earth at risk of being contaminated with microorganisms aliens in the future if such body astronauts in space missions are not well protected.Agencies, research organizations, aerospace technology is currently faced with a major challenge to being protective of human life on Earth from the microorganisms come from outer space, and also must cosmic environment toppling the microorganism contamination from Earth.

Specifically, experts working Catharine Conley protection office attached planets Space Agency US (NASA) said the Martian environment was still hides more complex, can cause significant threat to human being on this duty.

Ms. Catharine explained: “Chemical bleach (or used to do all kinds of bleaching solution) exists and flies in the atmosphere on Mars. This threatens human life. Besides, although people use mission exploring the surface of Mars provide flexibility instead of the robot, but it can infect all kinds of alien microbes in the process of work, and bring on Earth. On the contrary, we must also ensure the microbial environment of the Earth is not another world spread out “.

The storage and study the physical form in places like Mars space will help scientists understand better the process of formation of the solar system, and even the origin and the formation of life on the earth.


Source: Space

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