11 Secrets of People Who ALWAYS Smell Good

11 Secrets of People Who ALWAYS Smell Good

Do not you envy people who no matter where they go always smell good? They could leave a sweating exercise class or they just got up and still have a nice scent .

It is not chance, there is a formula to achieve this. Although taking a bath regularly does influence, there are other factors that make the aroma of our body last all day.

Here are some secrets that you may want to follow, it’s easier than you think:

# 1 Diet is Key

As they say: ‘you are what you eat’ and this also applies to how you smell. In an interview with the Refinery29 website, perfumer Julia Zangrilli says that if you want to smell good it is important that you think about what you consume.

A diet with a lot of onion, spices and garlic can be good for your body, but that type of food can affect the aroma not only of your breath, but also of your skin for up to 48 hours, depending on the quantities.

Food not only affects how you smell, but also how the perfume permeates your skin. Eating fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables and protein are ideal for maintaining a pleasant fragrance. Sugar drinks can also affect how you smell, especially the processed one that reaches the pores. The sweet smell is not so nice in people.

# 2 The Fragrances

The main component to smell good is the fragrance that you put on. Finding the one that best suits your skin is not so easy. Make sure you look for a fresh, natural one, with which you feel comfortable. It is something that will also make you feel more secure every day.

# 3 They take care of their Clothes

It seems like something obvious, but the way you wash your clothes makes a huge difference in how you smell. From the detergent you use, to how you dry it. Linda Song, perfumer at Givaudan, says that many detergents and fabric softeners are trying to mimic the smell of a perfume. Look carefully before buying one in the fragrance it brings.

# 4 They try several Fragrances

Do you buy the first garment you find when you go to a clothing store? The same applies to perfumes and lotions, they smell and feel different in each person. People who know fragrances taste them and see how they react on their skin during the day. The best way to identify a good fragrance is with patience. Sometimes you buy what you thought was the right one and in the end it was not. You have to try several samples until one convinces you. It also happens that the first you saw you loved it and you stay with that, but generally by trying several you can find the ideal one for your skin and personality.

# 5 Moisturise your Skin

Staying hydrated can help ward off bad odours. When the skin dries it tends to absorb and dissipate the perfumes much faster. A tip for this is to take a lot of water, moisturise your skin and apply products that hydrate your skin.

# 6 They know exactly where to spray their Fragrances

Many do not realize exactly where we spray our fragrances, but it is essential to smell good all day. According to Aedes de Venustas, owner of Karl Bradl, the fragrances work from the bottom up, so it is best to spray in the area of ​​the knees, in the pubic area, chest and behind your ears. This is how you will make the most of the fragrance, without exaggerating and spraying too much. Apply your fragrance also in client areas such as your stomach, the back of your neck, your armpits, ankles, etc.

It sounds like too much, but Bradl suggests applying your perfume half an hour before leaving your house so that it dissipates. When the rocies tries to do it at a considerable distance from your body so that you do not smell too much of a perfume or lotion.

# 7 They do not use a single Fragrance

With this we do not mean that you use several perfumes, but before spraying your most intense fragrances, try to use oils or body creams. These layers will make the smell in your body much more lasting. Try to buy a body oil that has some fragrance that makes you feel fresh during the day.

# 8 They apply their fragrances several times

If you want to smell good for much of the day, perfumes and lotions are not made to last for many hours, they dissipate easily. The best thing is that you try to apply it twice a day. We all sweat and breathe for our skin, what is best to give an extra touch to the middle of our day, but remember not to exaggerate with the amounts. Pocket perfumes are very useful for this.

# 9 Good Smells do not just go on the Skin

Experts recommend spraying good smells your home, your bed, your clothes and your hair to smell good all day. As a tip, change your sheets constantly, do not stop brushing your teeth in the morning, put candles in your house, aromatizers in the bathroom, etc. Believe it or not, all these scents influence how you smell during the day. There are several ways that your house smells amazing without you having to spray a lot of perfume on everything.

# 10 Load a Spray or Talcum Powder for the feet

If your feet tend to smell bad during the day, like those of many, load a spray or talcum powder you apply several times a day. Remember that smelly feet can ruin any moment.

# 11 Invest in a Dry Shampoo

If you prefer not to wash your hair every day, sometimes we can not stop it from looking greasy and starting to smell bad. Buy a dry shampoo with an aroma that convinces you, apply it in the mornings and in the evenings if you are going out somewhere.

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