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7 Tips to help your Family stay away from Mosquitoes

The use of chemical mosquito repellent or mosquito cream can affect your health, then the following 7 tips will certainly be effective but still safe for health and the environment.

1. Essential oil of lemon eucalyptus and essential oils

A mixture of essential oils and essential oil of lemon eucalyptus is a great combination to help mosquito repellent without producing any toxic chemicals. This mixture also provides a pleasant scent, comfortable to relax mentally. Besides, both of these oils have antiseptic properties very well when applied to the skin. So to avoid mosquitoes, apply this solution to the skin on a regular basis, especially in the evening.

2. Use coffee grounds

Mosquitoes usually originates in wet areas, standing water. If you can not completely dry the damp areas, use coffee grounds and sprinkle in that area to prevent them from reproducing. Coffee grounds will cause mosquito eggs dehydrated and unable to give birth, thereby preventing mosquito development.

3. Garlic

When you eat garlic, your pores will liberate oil and garlic. Since then your skin will be protected by oil and garlic acts as a barrier to prevent mosquito attack. Therefore, regularly eat garlic, but must if you do not like spice this, a spray bottle with garlic mashed and applied to the skin or sprayed around the area of ​​mosquitoes or appear to chase them.

4. Wood red cedar

Along with these natural herbal mosquito, you can use red cedar. Let boil small pieces of red cedar wood in the water and then sprayed on plants, gardens and outside areas. Due to the natural chemical properties of this wood, mosquitoes will stay away and can not multiply development.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint is a natural herbal remedy amazing. Place mint leaves around the house to use mosquito repellent or peppermint oil applied to the skin, sprayed around the room to prevent mosquitoes from getting into. Alternatively, you can use mouthwash and diluted peppermint instead.

6. lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil (lavender) fragrance not only bring relaxation and comfort, but they also act as a natural anti-mosquito drugs, safe and extremely effective. Take oil spray around the room to chase mosquitoes. You can also grow lavender and place them around the yard to prevent mosquitoes.

7. Add the rosemary on the grill

If the baking dish fragrant and oily as bait to attract the mosquitoes attack the add rosemary marinated in special moves are effective mosquito repelling unexpected. So from a bait for mosquitoes, this way you have to turn them into medicine is extremely effective against mosquitoes.

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