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Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts Of Apples

We’ve all heard someone tell us that eating apple is important because apples are very good for health..!!

Do you know why they are so good for our health? Discover explanations and the detail of all the benefits of the apple for our organism and our well-being, so delicious original recipes to consume it.

As you read this article, you will end up addicted to them.

The Apple is full of Fiber

Fiber is what guarantees good digestion but also slows the absorption of sugars, which helps not to get fat.

The Apple is full of Vitamins and Minerals

List of the benefits: vitamin A, pro-vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), vitamin C, E, K. But not only: Carotenoids, lutein, folate, quercetin powerful), zeaxanthin, minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus), but also amino acids and polyphenols (famous benefit in red wine).

Most of these vitamins and benefits are found primarily on the skin. So do not skins it, just bite it! Eye: eat the skin only if the apple is bio! But, you take the risk of eating more pesticides than vitamins.

Apple cuts Hunger

The apple generates satiety and reduces the pecking, thanks to its content of fiber and its 85% of water. It is perfect to stop eating cravings between meals.

Apple helps fight against many diseases

Eating apples regularly allows you to avoid many health problems:

– People who eat apples have less stress (Study between 1999 and 2014 in National Health and Nutrition Examination).

– The same study says that waist circumference is lower for people who eat apple. Another 2008 study says apple has a positive impact on weight loss.

– The risk of cardiac crisis is lower on average for people who consume apples (study conducted in Finland for 28 years on 9208 people).

– Eating apples reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 28% (according to a 2011 study).

– Eating apples generates a better intestinal flora (according to a study of 2015). Nowadays the importance of the intestinal flora for the health and of the filtration of the intestine of the toxic components but also of the good assimilation of the necessary nutrients is well known.

– The apple also protects the stomach from the side effects of certain anti-inflammatories (according to a 2011 study)
– Frequent apple consumption decreases cancer risks (according to a 2008 study), thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants.

– The apple helps to combat asthma thanks to its anti-oxidant effects, which protect the lungs from oxidation (according to a study from 2016)

The Apple is Practical

No packaging or plastic bag required, apple is easy to carry everywhere. It is only cleaned with water and ready for consumption. It is a good option to take to work to not run out of energy.

Consume bio apples or made by conscious producers and who work with good practices. That’s to avoid a cocktail of pesticides: the apple is the most treated fruit (along with grape) with 36 chemical treatments on average!

The Apple and the Apple juice They are not the same!

You will not find all the benefits of apple in apple juice. In certain cases, we can say that apple juice takes its flaws.

For example: A regular consumption of apple juice  is linked to an increase in type 2 diabetes (according to a 2011 study) and to all problems related to sugar consumption. A juice even if it is 100% natural contains a lot of sugar, sometimes as much as an industrial soda. If you want to drink apple juice, make it at home with fresh apples and take it within 10 minutes to conserve the benefits of the Apple.

When to Eat Apple?

The apple is an ideal cut-starter during the day. But if you eat the apple during a meal, it is recommended to consume it at the beginning of the meal (like any fruit), because its digestion becomes faster, it stays in the intestine behind the other foods and can ferment, which can cause digestive discomfort. It does not apply to desserts with cooked apple, which does not ferment in the intestine.

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