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7 Amazing Facts About Your Clitoris Every Woman Must Know!

The clitoris is the only organ of the human body dedicated exclusively to pleasure and plays a very important role in female arousal , although it is often not valued. This happens because, unfortunately, it is not strange that women feel ashamed to know their own body.

Here are Seven curiosities about the clitoris so that you can better know the important part of the female body and discover how to feel more pleasure during sex.

Curiosities about the clitoris

1. Clitoris bigger than it seems

Only a small part of the clitoris is visible. The organ is almost completely internal and therefore, people often believe that it is only a small ball on the upper part of the vulva. However, the clitoris is much larger than believed and has two large extensions that are located under the skin. If we compare it with the penis, it is bigger.  The internal part can be stimulated by pressing the mount of Venus or through the vaginal canal itself.

2. Clitoris is an ally of the female orgasm

According to gynecologist and sexologist Sandra Scalco of the Brazilian Association of Human Sexuality (SBRASH), most women reach orgasm as a result of clitoral stimulation , that is, clitoral orgasm is much more common than vaginal orgasm. ” The clitoris is the easiest way to reach orgasm. However, it is three times more important what happens in the woman’s head during sexual intercourse. It is necessary that she surrender, it is not only sensations that cause orgasm, “says Sandra.

3.Clitoris must be stimulated

Women take longer time to get excited than men. That is why the foreplay is more important for female pleasure. “The clitoral stimulation must be adequate and last longer. On average, women take between 15 and 20 minutes to reach a level of excitement equivalent to male erection, “explains the expert.

According to the gynecologist, only after female excitement can a pleasurable penetration be achieved without pain.  The previous game excites the woman. In the day to day, many follow the “masculine format“, In which the sex more focused on penetration. That is to say, they receive oral sex for a very short time or not even that, but it is important that the clitoris is stimulated first, “reinforces Sandra.

4. How to stimulate the clitoris?

As the external part of the organ is very sensitive, the area should be touched with care. According to the sexologist, the ideal is to first massage the two sides with your fingers and then make circular movements directly on it.

But the professional warns: even with the right encouragement, the woman may still have difficulty in feeling pleasure in the relationship of two. “It is more difficult to have an orgasm in the sexual relationship than alone, because women still care a lot about giving pleasure to their partner. Getting to know each other is important and allows women to say what they like and feel more relaxed at the moment of sex, “explains Sandra.

Her recommendation is to use masturbation to discover her own pleasure and feel comfortable to live sexuality.

5. The clitoris is erect

As well as the penis, the clitoris also has erections and fills with blood. “When the woman is aroused, the clitoris increases and then decreases in size. In some women, its more and less in others, “says the doctor. Also, its appearance may vary. The external part of some stands out more than the others. However, the size of the clitoris does not influence the pleasure, so there is no reason to worry.

6. Age of Clitoris

The clitoris gets old and may lose some sensitivity over the years. “It can atrophy after menopause, but that’s not a problem, because it can be reversed with the use of estrogen,” explains the gynecologist.

7. Clitoris must exercise

Exercising the muscles of the vagina is important to prevent problems such as urinary incontinence, to promote more body awareness and to have more pleasure. The movements of contraction and relaxation, as well as Kegel exercises , which are part of pelvic physiotherapy are the most indicated. By practicing them, the woman can know herself better and notice the sensitivity of the clitoris.

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