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The Feet have a Great Influence on Body Temperature

A blanket and you’re gonna feel the heat, you just need to vacuum out the air becomes perfectly. Or if you’re feeling cold, then wear socks (socks) to see the body will warm up immediately.

Here is the answer from Professor Jim Cotter, University of Otago:

“It is true that the feet can greatly affect body temperature, especially during sleep.

For some reason, our feet help keep the temperature stable for the body.
As well as the hands, feet with a large surface area as well as the specific blood vessels open only to large amounts of blood to pass through, they heat more quickly when needed. When not needed, the blood vessels will shrink.

This, combined with the hands and feet at the bottom of the limbs and no muscles (muscles exothermic), leading to lower their temperature will quickly than elsewhere on the body.

So, by the use of specific nerves controlled by thermostat in the brain, we almost can change the temperature of the feet, body temperature which will be adjusted correctly .
As for the “warm up immediately when you carry all”, it’s more about feeling than fact (though in some cases the feeling that’s true).

If excessive cold, feet will trigger the pain receptors, causing discomfort; so the true warm up will bring clear benefits.

This also relates to the saying, that if cold wear a hat on. By the early loss of a large amount of heat when it is cold we can not indefinitely retain heat.

Whether we are comfortable with the current temperature or not is very important.

Hat brings great efficiency, in both feeling and reality, it also makes thermostats help stop the flow of blood to the legs more, so will not get cold feet and more comfortable. “

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