10 Hidden Charms and Strange Secrets about Waterfalls

No need to be too big or too high, this waterfall has its own charm and hidden secrets strange.

Worldwide, there are many waterfalls become popular tourist destination, but there are quite a few really outstanding waterfall from the east. They do not necessarily have to be the largest waterfall, the highest, but there is a particular focus on them will make you remember once contemplated.

Here is a list of 10 amazing waterfalls around the world.

1. Fire Falls (Yosemite National Park, California, USA)

Horsetail Falls, also known as “Waterfall Fire”, which flows in winter and early summer from El Capitan mountain in two separate flow and poured from a height of 478,5m down steep rock faces, which splashed water droplets forming a strip of fog before continuing down the foothills.

During the last two weeks of February, Horsetail waterfall will change color and become a “waterfall of fire”. This phenomenon occurs when the dying day, the rays will eventually throw up waterfalls and if reflected at a right angle, a short scene but beautiful will happen: a dazzling line of fire appeared, map rushing to the ground.

2. Falls mist (Djupadal, Iceland, Ireland)

Dense fog has created a waterfall scene is flowing down from cliffs in Iceland, Iceland.

The fog slowly “flows” down the slopes of the cliff and fell in Djupadal Bredafjodur fjord below. Strange phenomenon on supposedly happens khinhiet degrees reversed, as hot air rises and cold air masses keep below.

3. Waterfall horizontal flow (Kimberley, Western Australia)


The world only has two horizontal waterfalls, and both are deep in Talbot Bay in Bucaneer Archipelago, under the Kimberley, Western Australia. This natural wonder consists of two canyons of the range McLarty.

This gorge between two seats, a large amount of water being pushed through by the powerful tidal waves, creating temporary can cascade “high” to 5 meters. Direction of the water flow will change as the tide changed.

Whenever people up and down the country, in front of the canyon will accumulate a huge amount of water compared to the amount of water it is allowed to flow through. Therefore, the water will flow through the canyon rushing waterfall as such, under the action of tidal currents.

4.Waterfall Bigar (Hat Caras-Severin,Romania)

Although not prominent in size and water flow, what makes it different Bigar cascade shape and location of its very special. The entire cliff face are covered with moss, water flows through the green surface down to the small river called Minis. Waterfall is located right on the latitude 45, equidistant from the Equator and the North pole, and is one of the most unique waterfall in the world.

5.Cameron Falls (Alberta, Canada)

If you visit Cameron waterfall located in Waterton Lake National Park, in Alberta, Canada in June, you will have the opportunity to admire an extremely rare phenomenon when the entire cascade turn pink.

In the spring, torrential rains will stir clay layer, or Acgilit, mixed in water. When the light reflecting minerals, the water will turn red blush very nice.

6.Waterfalls Blood (Antarctica)

Mc Murdo Dry Valley of Antarctica, appears a red waterfall by building five stories high, falling from Taylor Glacier flows into Lake Bonney.

Of course, that’s not really the same as blood in its name, instead, the main reason is due to the five million year old lake undercurrents below. When the glaciers formed in the surface lake begins to freeze, the water becomes salty underneath more.

So far, the amount of salt in the underground lake bottom Blood Falls has five times more salty sea water and so do not freeze it. The lake was “stuck” below 0:25 mile thick ice and can not come into contact with the air. He had never seen the sun, and completely unable to absorb oxygen. The lake also contains a lot of iron in particular. When water leaks from underground lake through cracks to the glacier, this iron-rich waters suddenly exposed to the air and corrosion immediately, creating streaks of red as blood flowing water on ice when water falls.

7.The ‘Underwater Waterfall’ in the country (Mauritius)

Of course we all understand there can be no waterfalls in the country. In essence, the waterfalls in the Republic of Mauritius coastline is only a mirage appears giackhien it like a majestic waterfall flowing in the ocean. Because sand and mud to sink deeper into the sea, from the shelf to deepwater areas creates the illusion of a waterfall waterfall.

8.Waterfalls Pamukkale (Denizli Province, Turkey)

Pamukkale waterfall (translated means cotton castle in Turkish), located in the southwest of Turkey and a UNESCO World Heritage site in the 1970s.

The terraced floor of this famous waterfall is made from marble limestone: a carbonate mineral, is saved by the flow of water. Naturally flawless structure of this 2700 meters long, 600 meters wide and 160 meters high.

Pamukkale waterfall has been used as a natural bathing place for centuries. Greeks and ancient Romans discovered the value of hot springs Body contains this mineral. Spring has attracted a lot of visitors, not only to treat the body care, but also to see the beauty of the class of calcium bicarbonate miracles clots in layers spread over cliffs.

9.Devil’s Kettle Falls (in Grand Marais, Minnesota USA)

Devil’s Kettle Falls area is a very unusual geology. Located on the northern edge of Lake Superior, where Brule River suddenly divided into two waterfalls. But oddly does not stop there. A waterfall flows into the river side as usual, but one side and flows into a deep hole – disappear nobody knows. No one has discovered that water is going to flow. Researchers have tried to throw objects such as ping-pong balls and pour dye into deep holes, but none of them showed signs anywhere.

10.Ruby Falls (in Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Ruby Falls is a famous limestone waterfall, deep in America and also the underground water is the most visited country, with more than 400,000 tourists each year.

This 44m high waterfall over Ruby Lambert was named after the wife of the person who discovered it. Waterfalls ore contains lots of magnesium, so if people are drinking enough water here will have regular bowel movements (because magnesium is regarded as a natural laxative).

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