Feels Like You’re Flying While Riding a Bicycle

Bikes are one of the world’s most loved types of transportation. It gives your body an extraordinary workout and it can take you to work or to the recreation center or just on a restful ride. Another reason that numerous individuals like them is that they don’t require gas like a vehicle and the bicycle doesn’t put any sort of discharges into the air. So there are advantages in all cases that accompany riding a bicycle and that is the reason more than 2.5 billion individuals ride every year.

Much the same as whatever else that accompanies expansive numbers, bicycling has what’s coming to its of mischances and incidents. In 2015 more than 45,000 American’s were harmed while riding their bicycles in movement. That is only here in the United States. Clearly that number goes up extensively when you incorporate whatever is left of the world. Creator John Aldridge has seen enough and has concocted an answer.

Aldridge has developed The Bird of Prey bike and it should wipe out those wounds endured in activity. As should be obvious here, rather than sitting up on the bicycle, the rider will set down on it. This puts their weight on the hips and arms. Aldridge calls it the speediest and most secure bicycle on the planet. It has fast riggings, a low focus of gravity and the outline helps against wind resistance. It is likewise difficult to flip over the handlebars and get hurt. That activity is one of the biggest reasons for wounds to riders.

  • The design of The Bird of Prey bicycle makes it impossible to flip over the handlebars.
  • Since the rider isn’t sitting up straight it cuts down on the wind resistance.
  • As you can see here the bike is very lightweight making it easier to transport and quicker to gain speed.


Watch this video to get all of the info you need on this unique bicycle.

Source:  Bird Of Prey Bicycle

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