7 Tips to Improve your Productivity as a Freelancer

Being a freelancer requires organization and discipline, especially if we want to be successful. Although, on the other hand, productivity is another factor that also has to do with this formula since, thanks to it, we will be able to conclude projects, get along with our clients and have free time. How to achieve it? These tips will help us a lot.

1. Practice the Pomodoro Technique

What is it about? It consists of working, uninterrupted, for 25 minutes and taking a break of five. The process is repeated up to four times to then have a break longer than half an hour. The goal of this practice is to force you to stay focused and put aside distractions.

2. Establish a Calendar

Making a calendar with the objectives that you must do daily, weekly and monthly, will help you to be organized and productive.

3. Become Friends with the Lists

The lists are great allies to remind us what we should do when sitting in front of the computer. Save time, in addition, since you will not take long to figure out what is next to do.

4. Dress for the Occasion

There are studies that say that dressing for work will have an effect on the brain that will make you adopt a behavior focused on productivity. So, while you could sit at the computer with your brand new pajamas, try another type of wardrobe.

5. Separate the Personal life from the Professional Life

You must take the time to work seriously, therefore, you must separate the personal communications of the professionals to avoid any possible distraction. Make it clear that you also have a schedule that both you and the others must respect, will be of great help.

6. Varies the tasks

Devoting too much time to a single project or work can be mentally exhausting, without naming where the rest of your responsibilities can be delayed. Therefore, if you have several tasks to do, try to vary the work routine so that you feel focused and energized.

7. Plan the break

Deciding what and where to do the break, is also a way to avoid getting distracted when working. A good plan could be a little television or some chapter of your favorite series.

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