5 Most Expensive Wines in the World : Taylors St Andrews in 2nd Place

According to the ranking of WRW & S (World Ranking of Wines and Alcoholic Beverages), which analyzes the quality of products based on the notes received in competitions around the world. The more important the dispute, the greater the weight has the classification. The survey is conducted by the World Association of Wine and Beverage Writers and Journalists, which analyzed more than 700,000 wines in the last edition.

Best wines of the world: To our surprise, among the finalists is a sparkling

Brazilian and cheap, which was in 5th place.

5. Casa Perini Moscatel (Type Sparkling)Casa Perini Moscatel

Da Vinícola Perini Ltda., From Brazil, the drink is a sparkling Moscatel with aromatic profile characteristic of Moscato variety, with an excellent balance between acidity and sugar. Its average price is  $ 43.

Casa Perini was founded in 1970 in the gaucho city of Farroupilha. The entrepreneur Benildo Perini created the business as a way to expand the production of the family, which began in 1929 with his father, João Perini, a descendant of Italians.

4. Taylors St Andrews (Syrah Type)Taylors St Andrews

Taylors St Andrews Single Vineyard Release Shiraz Clare Valley, from the vintage, from Taylors Wakefield Wines Pty Ltd, Australia, ranked 4th.

The red wine, which is sold out at the official store, has notes of ripe black cherry and plum fruits. American oak adds nuances of vanilla, coffee and toasted. Its average price is $ 157.

3. Noe Pedro Ximenez Vors (Pedro Ximenez type)Noe Pedro Ximenez Vors

Noe Pedro Ximenez Vors (Pedro Ximenez type) red wine from Gonzalez Byass SA, Spain, won the 3rd place.

With an average price of $ 150, fine wine is perfect for drinking alone or in the company of desserts and can accompany ice creams and chocolates.

2. Taylors St Andrews (Syrah type)Taylors St Andrews

The runner-up wine is the Taylors St Andrews Single Vineyard Release Shiraz Clare Valley, the same that came in fourth, this time, of the 2013 crop of Taylors Wakefield Wines Pty Ltd, Australia.

Also out of the sale at the official store, its average price is $ 200, has rich aromas of black cherry fruits and ripe plums. The oak adds nuances of vanilla and roasted coffee.

1.  Taylors Jaraman (Syrah type)Taylors Jaraman

The best wine in the world is again from Taylors Wakefield Wines Pty Ltd, Australia. The Taylors Jaraman Shiraz 2014 red has an average price of $ 500 and features aromas of red and cherry fruits along with subtle notes of black olives and spices.

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