No Bra Day! Why do we celebrate the Day without Bodice?

One day a year thousands of women around the world leave their homes without a bra as part of an awareness campaign that is increasingly adept.

The protagonists behind this initiative are the members of Bra Day , an international organization that was born in 2011 in Toronto and that looks for to inform on the different options to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy and to assure the access to this procedure.

Why this Message is Important

The breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide and its early detection is key for treatment and combat it .

Many women were able to overcome it through a mastectomy, that is, they had to remove the breasts. But of these, a large percentage do not know the different options in breast reconstruction that exist.

We spoke with Dr. Horacio F. Mayer , Principal Coordinator of BRA Day Argentina to explain the importance of breast reconstruction in women who had a mastectomy.

It is important to raise awareness because even in the 21st century there are unfounded fears about immediate breast reconstruction and as a main consequence, the percentage of women who could be rebuilt and do not do so is very high.

Various scientific studies have shown that there is no evidence for such an assertion. On the contrary, reconstruction brings benefits in quality of life, psychological and immunological that have demonstrated prolong the life expectancy of these patients, says Dr. Horacio F. Mayer.

Breast reconstruction then allows women to continue living their struggle against cancer with a renewed sense of well-being and normality, which is why knowledge, right and the possibility of choosing this treatment are fundamental.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

It is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast in shape, appearance and normal size after mastectomy, not interfering with the treatment of cancer or the detection of recurrences.

There are Three Methods of Reconstruction

  • Reconstruction with implants
  • Reconstruction using its own tissue (“autologous” reconstruction)
  • Reconstruction using its own tissue combined with an implant

Although reconstructing the breast, the results are very variable and a reconstructed breast will not have the same sensitivity as the breast it replaces, but similarly, breast reconstruction has a strong positive impact with respect to the quality of life of women, since it helps them strongly to increase their self-esteem and to have a corporal image to taste about themselves.

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