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Prediction Humans may Marry Robots before by 2050

An expert in artificial intelligence research predicts the first marriage between humans and robots will take place before 2050 and gradually became popular.

Dr. David Levy, an expert in artificial intelligence research, said the man married to the machine will become popular in the future, the International Business Times reported yesterday.

“Marriage between man and machine will first take place before 2050,” Levy said at the conference organized Robotics in London, England.

According to him, the advanced programming techniques to create robot with near-human personalities. However, we will not jealous, boastful, arrogant, rude or irritability, unless the user wants it that way. Therefore, Dr. Levy believes that marriage with robots may become an indispensable part of modern life and are legally recognized.

“When love and sex with robots are increasingly widely accepted, the society will develop legislation to manage this relationship. We can see the development of the relationship between humans and robots in one or two generations. Marriage with robots is the real possibility that people face, “Levy said.