Snow in Sahara – The World’s Hottest Desert in Thick Snow

Hottest desert world is undergoing the largest snowfall ever when a thick layer of white snow covering meters of red sand dunes.Unusual snowfall turned the Sahara into a scorching sun all year round winter wonderland, bringing excitement to the local people.

Snow in Sahara According to Sun, Snow began to fall just before Christmas when the snow falls sporadic red sand of the world’s hottest desert for the first time in nearly four decades.Snow in Sahara  The biggest snowfalls in history covering Ain Sefra town, dubbed the “Gateway to the Desert” under a meter of snow. The weather caused chaos in the town when the bus passengers stranded because of icy roads slippery.

Snow in Sahara Children enjoy the cold weather by building snowmen.

Snow in Sahara Kamel photographer recorded the scene Sekkouri fancy when it started snowing at around 1:30 am 20/1. “I am deeply shocked to encounter so much snow on the desert,” Kamel said.

Snow in Sahara Snow never falls in the town from the date 18.02.1979, after the storm lasted half an hour.

Snow in Sahara Snowfall phenomenon also occurs in many areas of warm climate such as Majorca and Benidorm, Spain.

Snow in Sahara Sahara covers most of North Africa and has gone through many variations in temperature and humidity for several hundred thousand years.Snow in Sahara Although today very arid Sahara, the experts predict will verdant desert back in about 15,000 years.

Snow in Sahara Before that, the temperature in other parts of the contemporary desert, including Algeria, Chad, Libya, Mali and Morocco exceeded 47 degrees C.Snow in Sahara

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