7 Amazing Things You Surely Do not Know About Vladimir Putin

The controversial Russian president always finds something unusual to annoy or attract attention.

1. Vladimir Putin is Extremely Unpunctual

The US State Secretary USA has spent long hours in the waiting room of Putin and even the pope himself has had to suffer his Impuntualidad. Some experts agree that someone as methodical as Putin does not perform these routines by carelessness and consider them psychological tactics.

2. He is likely to be the Richest Man in the World

The most powerful man in Russia is standing on the oil reserves largest in Europe. A former Kremlin administrator says Putin’s estate is worth 200 billion dollars, more than double that of Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet according to Forbes magazine’s list.

3. The Savonarola of Foods

Girolamo Savonarola burned books and objects of luxury in his ” Bonfires of Vanities “, Putin burned food. Europe’s boycott of Russia due to the invasion of the Crimea prompted Putin to take action against some European products. In 2015, Russian crematoria worked ceaselessly by burning hundreds of tons of food from Europe, to the astonishment of the elders who remembered the famines of World War II.

4. Opened a Wine of 240 years

After annexing the Crimea, Putin appeared at the Casandra Winery with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and friends opened a bottle of sherry that had been brought to Ukraine in 1775 by Count Michael Vorontsov when Catherine the Great ruled the Russian empire. The fact was put forward by Putin as an act of public relations, but the Ukrainians considered it an offense.

5. Virtuous Musician

Vladimir Putin is an excellent singer and pianist. In 2010, he surprised his friends and strangers during a charity event in which he spontaneously made a piano and began to play the popular theme ” Blueberry Hill “. Although it was not prudent to remain without applauding, it seems that the Russian president has a real musical gift.

6. Gigantic Mansion

Perhaps Vladimir Putin never imagined that his billion-dollar mansion on the Black Sea coast would be exposed by Google Earth. The palace is the most imposing architectural complex in the region.

7. Animal Lover

Although it sounds contradictory, Vladimir Putin defines himself as a deep lover of animals, something that contrasts powerfully with his image of cold and calculating man (besides some in which you can see him hunting or fishing). Putin lets himself be seen in the company of his dogs and even with tigers and polar bears. Again, experts say that everything is a media facade to soften its image.

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