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Artificial Intelligence: The Perfect Advertising

Artificial intelligence is a subject area that is currently being discussed worldwide and a growth segment. Artificial Intelligence has found the entrance into daily use. Even if research on the subject has been taking place for years. Now, however, there seems to be the necessary basis for everyday use.

“There is now computing, the amount of data, the right methods, and the money needed to drive and implement Artificial Intelligence,” said Clemens Wasner, a partner at EFS Unternehmensberatung.

Machine learning, a concept for the artificial generation of knowledge from experience, is now omnipresent.

“Machine learning is already taking place everywhere. From recommendation systems, spam filters to personal assistants to programmatic advertising or facial recognition, “explains Wasner.

Whether the search on Google or the film selection on Netflix or Amazon, the application areas are wide. In the automotive industry.

For example, manufacturing companies have been using Machine Learning successfully for some time – for example, for predictive maintenance, ie for the anticipatory maintenance of machines. “You can already optimize so well that a machine is broken on weekends rather than during the week,” says Wasner.

Intelligent output

But the advertising industry will also experience changes in the course of these technical developments. Only a few users are aware that they are confronted daily with programmatic advertising and thus with artificial intelligence. An increasing proportion of online advertising is now being developed programmatically. For Michael Katzlberger, Managing Director of Tunnel23, this certainly offers advantages.

“I save a lot of work at Programmatic. The more dynamic the advertisements become, the more manpower I save myself. And the machine does not make any mistakes, “says Katzlberger against HORIZONT. At Tunnel23 a programatic share is already involved in every campaign. Katzlberger believes that in the future the digital advertising form itself will assemble itself and the work processes completely change itself.