How Do You Make Your Event Unique?

If you are planning an event, you want one that will have your guests talking for days or even months afterwards. You want something that is sure to wow your guests and let everyone know that when you host an affair you mean business.

And while this is all great in theory, when you actually start thinking about what elements you can use that will take your event to the next level, you may find things aren’t as simple as they seem. It can be difficult to come up with something that hasn’t been done before that will truly impress your crowd. If you are wondering, how do you make your event unique, here are a few ideas.

How Do You Make Your Event Unique?

There are several elements that can make an event unique, including the entertainment you provide, the decorations you choose, the food and drinks you serve and more. Here are a few tips on how to plan an event that is sure to wow your crowd.

An Event Wall

Event walls are typically placed near the entrance of your event. They are a great way to promote a brand or service and will also give your party a classy, red carpet feel. They make for perfect photo opps that are ideal for keeping your guests entertained and ensuring they leave with terrific memories of the event.

Silhouette Artist

Face painting, magicians and caricature artists can be out of place at an elegant event and they are all a bit ho-hum for the modern party guest. A silhouette artist will cut your silhouette out of paper and stick it to a card to provide a great souvenir that will remind your guests of the terrific time they had at your party.

Edible Mist Orbs

The food you serve at your party can also take the entertainment level up a notch. There is not much your guests haven’t tasted before, but edible mist orbs add an element of surprise as well as a unique alternative when it comes to serving the food. With edible mist orbs, guests suck through a straw and are pleasantly surprised by the delightful flavor that comes out. To up the entertainment factor, they can even request flavors of their choosing.

Musical Entertainment

No matter what type of entertainment you have at your party, it is always a good idea to have some kind of music playing. A live band will be the best way to provide music as it will take the excitement factor up a notch.

If throwing a unique event is a priority, you won’t want to hire just any other cover band. There are several bands that will do unique versions of popular tunes so that your party really stands out. Brass Animals is one that comes to mind as they perform jazzed up versions of pop and hip hop tunes. They can also perform as a cover band, jazz band or marching band so they can be suitable for any event.

Aerial Dance

Imagine, your party is running smoothly with your guests milling about when suddenly, one rises above you in a metal circle. He or she begins a dance routine that is sure to stun and amaze your crowd. Ever since Cirque Du Soleil rose to fame, aerial dance has been taking the world by storm. Incorporating this dance style into your party is sure to have your guests talking for weeks to come.

Human Fountains

Fountains are always lovely cornerstones of serenity and can make for exquisite party decorations. They will stun and amaze your guests when the human element is added. Dressed in goddess-like clothing, you can hire human fountains for your event to give it an element that will astound and amaze. The cleverly hidden spouts will provide cascading imagery your guests will love.

Art Wall

An art wall can add the perfect element to any event. If you are promoting a cause or raising funds, the art can be used to represent whatever you are advocating. If your event is just for fun, the artwork will add a classy and decorative element your guests are sure to appreciate. Take your art wall to the next level by hiring artists to create live artwork on the spot.

Human Topiary

We’re not really sure how human topiary originated but today it is becoming one of the more popular ways to entertain. Covered head to toe in fauna, it is up to these human bushes to go around parties, generally acting silly. There are not many experiences that can rival or be less forgettable than getting hugged by a tree.

Projection Mapping

Technology and dance have been meeting in a big way. More acts are using projections which can help them to tell a story in their dance or just illuminate the stage and costumes to make the act more visually exciting. Providing this sort of entertainment for your guests will ensure that your party will be the number one water cooler gossip item for the week.

Build Your Own Food Bar

Another way to make the food you serve a part of your entertainment is to provide a build your own food bar. This can be especially effective when applied to desserts. Guests will love building their own ice cream creations or dipping cookies, donuts and fruits into various sweet sauces and syrups. If you prefer food that is savory, try a ‘make your own Ramen or mac n cheese’ station.

Build Your Own Cocktail Bar

If your budget doesn’t allow for a bartender, and you don’t want to get stuck mixing drinks all night, a build your own cocktail bar can be a great way to turn lemons into lemonade. Be sure to start by providing a well-stocked bar and include drink recipes so your guests can make their favorite mixers. Add a special touch by decorating the area elegantly with a lovely backdrop and lighting. Include little snacks guests can munch on when they mix.

If you are wondering, how do you make your event unique, here are some great ways to do it. Providing stand out entertainment, interactive food and drink bars and the right decorative elements will make for an affair that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

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