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Relationship Problems – Know the Theory of the Love Language

All your relationship problems will disappear when you know the theory of the language of love

It is sad, but it has happened to many: you want a person, but even if he or she also corresponds to your love, you do not feel that he shows you his love as you would like. Most of us have been in at least one relationship, but despite this, we do not all know our language of love. And identifying it will save us many relations in the future.

What is Love language?

As expressed by its name, this term refers to the way people give love and how we like to receive it. The same details and actions can have different meanings, according to the personality of each one.

For example, maybe your love beings with a hug all the time, while for someone else it is more important to be reminded how much they admire you.

Dr. Gary Chapman is an expert in anthropology and human relations. In his book, The Five Love Languages ​​explains that individuals tend to show their love in the same way we like to receive it. That is why it is essential to recognize those preferences and share them with the person in question: to understand when they express it to us, even if we do not notice it.

Chapman identifies five types of Love language:

# 1 Physical touch

Kisses, hugs, caresses, hold hands, that make you “Louse“. People who prefer this type of sample require physical actions that can feel on the skin to feel appreciated.

Note: this is not invariably synonymous with sexual acts and all contact requires prior consent.

# 2 Receive gifts

That you like to receive presents does not mean that you are superficial, but that you find value behind the gifts that hold a tender intention. It also means that it makes you happy to give others something they wanted, and not because you want to get something in return.

# 3 Quality time

There are those who prioritize the amount of time you spend with them. It does not matter if it’s to live the most romantic evening in Paris or at home to watch Netflix movies. For the individuals that enter this group, that you dedicate attention to and save the time of your day for them is everything.

# 4 Service Acts

Acts of service refer to concrete actions that show appreciation to someone else, even if it is in activities that apparently have nothing to do with romance. Washing clothes so that you relax after a tiring day or arranging the cupboard to have a tidy house can be examples of this.

# 5 Affirmation words

Verbal and written expressions are vital for those who are cataloged in this classification. In general, those who do not get tired of telling their partners how much they love them (whether with messages, calls, or even poems and songs) also feel full when they receive both love and recognition words.

It is necessary to remember that none of these categories is “better” or “worse” than the others, nor that they are exclusive because it is possible for a single person to fit into several profiles. If you are interested in knowing what your language of love is, we invite you to answer the quiz on the official website of the book. Here we leave the link.

The test can be done if you are single or as a couple. There is even a version for children because not only a romantic relationship benefits from this knowledge. For example, also between parents and children, it is useful to know how to show affection.

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