9 Sexual Myths that you should Stop Believing Right now!

Enough of sexual myths! In addition to being something taboo, they lend themselves to confusion and that is not good at all, because they end up damaging our relationships in one way or another.

In this installment, I want to tell you what are those sexual myths that it is better to stop believing now .

Myth 1 – Sex is better when you’re young

Obviously, your physical condition will be much better during youth, however, the passing of the years is beneficial because more experience is acquired and it is more emotionally rewarding to speak.

Myth 2 – Female orgasm is achieved only with intercourse

That is a great fallacy. 75 percent of women fail to reach orgasm during penetration but prefer direct stimulation to their clitoris. To reach orgasm during sex, it is best to use the help of the fingers or a vibrator.

Myth 3 – Men are always more interested in sex

Fortunately, this is not the case, especially when it comes to a sexually satisfied woman . In those cases you have the same interest in sex as your partner.

Myth 4 – For men to feel pleasure they must ejaculate

This belief is very common. Most women think that men must ejaculate to have an orgasm. However, most men – I would all say – know how to separate orgasm from ejaculation.

Myth 5 – Size, does it matter?

Penis size matters when the vagina is very small because they are not a very good combination. The important thing in these cases is not the size but the ability to use it.

Myth 6 – For a man to enjoy the previous game it is necessary to have an erection

Actually for the previous game it is not necessary that there is an erection , because the process of giving pleasure to the woman can be very exciting in itself because the mind is not concerned with performance or penetration.

Myth 7 – Few women suffer from pain when having sex

The myth indicates that only 10 percent of women suffer discomfort when they have sex. However, some studies indicate that the number is higher and that it reaches 30 percent of the women surveyed.

Myth 8 – All Men can control Ejaculation

This myth must be banished , because if the man does not last for a long time during intercourse before ejaculating, it is unlikely that he can ever achieve it even if he tries to exercise, meditation, therapy or any other type of thing that comes to mind. It is not going to become a porn star, that’s for sure.

Myth 9 – What Women most want in Bed is to reach Orgasm

This myth must be definitively eliminated . Women not only want to reach orgasm, we also like to feel wanted in bed. That is what we want more than anything in the world, know it!

These sexual myths have dispersed everywhere and we all know them. Until a while ago I thought that many of them were true until this cleared my picture. I hope the same happens to you.

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