7 Weird Things That Happen When You’re Ovulating

The menstrual cycle lasts an average of between 28 and 35 days. Ovulation occurs between days 11 and 22 of the cycle (about 11 or 14 days before menstruation). This is the time of greater fertility of the woman and is the ideal phase to conceive a baby if it is wanted. Now, during these days also happen certain strange things that surely did not know what happened. Surprise yourself with these incredible data too .

1. Breasts can Hurt

Because of the hormonal changes that occur particularly at this point in the cycle, it is likely that the body will begin to retain fluid. This retention often causes swelling in certain areas, such as the breasts.

2. The Pitch of the Voice Increases

Researchers at the University of California have observed that during ovulation women increase their tone of voice . Although the change is subtle, the modification is due to a biological issue: enhancing femininity through the voice would attract more males to reproduce.

3. Women dedicate more Time to our Appearance

Whether with a particular attire, a hairstyle or more makeup than usual, this phase seems to motivate us to get better than at other times in the cycle. This is demonstrated by a team of psychologists at the University of Texas, who even say that these strategies tend to be more effective with stable partners than with casual ones.

4. The Ears become more Symmetrical

Humans associate symmetry with the sensuality and attractiveness of a person. When we ovulate, our body tries to be as attractive as possible and, although it may seem strange, the ears may be at a more balanced height.

5. Smell is Sharpening

Recent studies show that women experience a sharpness of smell during ovulation. Apparently, these days our ability to distinguish certain aromas increases, and the function is also linked to procreation.

6. Some Women may feel Ovulation (with pain)

A clear sign of ovulation is the change in flow that becomes more sticky to facilitate fertilization of the ovum. Now, did you know that many women can feel the pain of releasing the egg ? So is. The term in German is mittelschmerz , and is usually matched with fever, dizziness and abdominal swelling.

7. Women attract more “Masculine” Men

Science has shown that heterosexual women whose partners have “not-so-masculine” faces tend to focus on more “masculine” men (eg, more muscles) during ovulation. The research also claim that those who already have “male” couples tend to think they are sexiest at this time of the cycle.

It seems that ovulation brings many more changes in our behavior than we ever imagined. And you, did you know about all of them? Have you ever experienced them?

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