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Do you Take Notes to Study? Science has Good News for you

No matter how much I tried to study with the computer, things simply forgot me. I am one of those people who have to take notes of the subjects and then make summaries of my notes and outlines of those summaries.

Each book is shrinking until all that is left is a sheet with the key points that I have to remember for the exam. And it worked for me, but I also have to blame the fact that my literature examination killed almost half of the Amazon trees.

Taking notes on the computer seems the most eco-friendly and also the fastest alternative . So do not go crazy when the teacher finishes saying something important and you can not write it in time that already goes with something more important still.

Laptops are becoming a bit of everyday in class because they allow you to do more and faster, you can let your fingers fly over the keyboard and the automatic corrector will make it readable.

It is true that using the computer allows students to take more notes, but according to a new study , doing so decreases memory and understanding about the material.

Two researchers, Pam A. Mueller and Daniel M. Oppenheimer , conducted three experiments to see how students who took notes with pencils and those who did it on a computer differed, and found that those who write internalize the information better .

The Experiment

group of students

Throughout their experiments the researchers took a group of students and made half write the notes and the other half used their laptops.

For the first experiment the students had to look at TED talks on various subjects and thus discovered that those who used computers made many more notes than those who had to write.

However, when they had to complete questionnaires on what they saw, the researchers found that while the two groups remembered the details of the talks well, in the questions that required more reasoning, the users of the laptops had worse results.

As in other studies, they found that those who use laptops drew more notes, but those who wrote had a deeper understanding of the subjects.

retain knowledge

For the second experiment they were specifically asked not to take literal notes, but those who used computers could not contain themselves, did so and again had poor results.

In the last stage, instead, the students had a week to study their notes before having the test. We would think that as the students who used computers took more notes they could have an advantage, right? Wrong.

Once again the students who wrote did better than the others, supposedly because reading your own letter helps you remember the context and content of the lesson.

The pen and paper will never go away. Having computers can speed you up, but it reduces the ability to retain knowledge .

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