14 Types of Friends We All had at Least Once in a Lifetime


They are the motor of our life, in many moments they are our worst nightmare and in others they are all that we need to get up after a strong fall.

The friends are the family of the heart, the most tender and cruel people that the universe could put in our way. But they are still indispensable for us.

Within the Enormous fauna that we can find in a group of friends , these types never miss:

1. CluelessClueless Friends

This type of friend does not forget her head because it is glued to her shoulders. It is the one that always loses or forgets something.

2. Drama QueenDrama Queen

This is the specimen with which I feel most identified, is the friend capable of exaggerating everything, to the stories she tells you should be taxed because they are probably loaded with absurd sensationalism worthy of a drama queen

3. ImpuntualImpuntual friends

Since he was born until now he does not know the operation of the hands of the clock and if he does it dissimulates very well. If you want to meet her without having to wait half an hour you should schedule your meetings including the minutes that will be late.

4. Expert in the Opposite SexExpert in the Opposite Sex

This type of friends is the most fun, it’s like having a sexologist-counsellor in your own home. She always knows what you should do and say in front of every situation. It does not matter if it’s your crush , your boyfriend or your ex, she always has some advice and of course, she’s single.

5. The One who can not Resist the arty

She may have had her golden times where the party was her only way of life , however, over the years, the fact that she has a boyfriend and her ease of sleep make her this boring specimen that leaves parties earlier than the normal.

6. Designated OrganiserDesignated Organiser

It is the one that runs behind all of them to coordinate the hour and year of the gathering. Resolution’s and patient, talk to everyone, do the shopping, get a place and organise everything to wait for them, all that and without asking anything in return.

7. Ms. BussyMs. Bussy

The busy one of the team, the one that never answers the calls, the one that finds out at the last moment that they are going to come together and the one that always asks for a summary when it deigns to answer the messages of Whatsapp. We do not know exactly what she does, but she is always busy .

8. The LoveThe Love

The girl meetings are girls, not girls and boyfriends; but she will never understand. That’s why she takes her boyfriend everywhere.

9. The Party GirlParty Girl

It’s that person who invites you to dinner on a Tuesday and comes to your house with a bottle of vodka making plans to party. The concept of tranquillity is not found in your vocabulary .

10. The Glam

She is the one who knows all the milestones of fashion, who loves to buy clothes and always looks incredible. The motto of his life is “soon dead rather than simple” and so he goes through life with his supersaturation.

11. The Lover of ComfortLover of Comfort

It’s just the opposite of the friend glam as long as she does not need much grooming she will feel more comfortable. In fact, if it were socially acceptable to go in pajamas to work, believe me I would.

12. The One who Lives in LoveOne who Lives in Love

She can not conceive of her life without being in love, she spends her days searching for new goals and dedicating all her time and love.

13. The Precipitate

He always dreamed of the prince and the fairy tales, so when we grew up he wanted to fulfil his dream. She fell in love, married and is the group’s first mom. She made us aunts very soon and her happiness is so contagious that we can not but rejoice in it.

14.  The IndependentIndependent Friend

It is the one that travels and eats the world. He knows the term loneliness very closely but he is not afraid of it. The turns of life made her strong and warlike; that is why his life is a constant adventure. It is the friends that we miss the most because it does not spend much time in the same place, but we are so proud of it that we can forgive.

All the friends have their peculiarities and is, exactly, what makes them so special. Thank you for becoming my best version!

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