A Father who Sleeps in the Tomb with her Daughter Everyday

A father sleeps in the grave every day with his daughter.

This thing may seem strange to you, but knowing the truth behind it will tell you, to what extent does this father love his daughter? Zhang Liyong and his wife Deng have a daughter, whose age is only two years. Two-year-old innocent Zhang Jinli is suffering from serious illness. That is what parents are eating inside. Zhang Liyong fears that when grown up, his daughter will know about this serious disease, then he will start fearing death in his mind. He does not want to see his daughter afraid of death. They believe that the one you love the most, you can not see them in misery and fear. This is the worst time especially for a father.

According to the news of Independent , Zhang Leong has taken a unique way to scare away his daughter’s heart. He digs a grave in the courtyard of his house. He sleeps with the daughter in this grave every day. There are times in the day when you play it right here. At the same time, they are trying to convince Zhang that it may be that he has to live alone here. In such a situation, he is not nervous.

On the advice of doctors, Zhang Liyong and his wife Deng are preparing to give birth to another daughter. It is being told that Jinli will be treated with the cord blood of the coming baby. The cord blood was thrown out so far as worthless. While research has shown that serious illnesses can be cured.

It is known that the blood coming out of the baby’s umbilical cord is called cord blood. Stem cells present in it may be used to treat serious diseases. Jhang Dutt says she is ready to go anywhere to save her daughter. He will try to reach any doctor. Although this family is poorly located economically and is not able to provide treatment to daughter in the big city.

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