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Biggest Treasure Troves Ever Found in World

During childhood, almost all of us played search of treasure. The circumstances of the thrilling treasure hunt has often appeared in the dreams of the children. The fact there are so many treasures were hidden for many reasons were respectively found. Some people have found treasure and become the luckiest person in the world.
Biggest Treasure Troves Ever Found in WorldIn 1985, during the implementation of the demolition of old houses in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. Home owners have discovered an invaluable treasure. These include three crown made of gold and precious stones. Not only that, many casting gold coins from the 14th century have been found, the value of this amount up to 150 million USD (3,300 billion VND)

In 2012, an American salvage company involved in the salvage of the ship sunk in World War 2 near the coast of Ireland. They have found 48 tons of silver on board, with an estimated value of $ 3.8 billion (83,600 billion VND).

Cargo ship called the British Gaiersuopa, sunk in 1941 by a German submarine. After the company found rescuers, the silver is not returned to the UK, because not prove the origin.

In 2007, Odyssey Marine Exploration company has picked up one of America’s Spanish warships. Aboard containing 600,000 gold coins. The value of the amount found on the ship is equivalent to 500 million dollars (11,000 billion VND). The company has declared Odyssey treasure find its owned and had to go to court with the Spanish government. After five years of litigation, the treasure was returned to the Spanish nation in 2012.

In 2011, in the temple of Indian Swami Padmanabas, the cellar was closed during 139 years are opened. People have found a lot of the sculptures are cast from gold. The value of the entire treasure of up to 11 billion US dollars (242,000 billion VND).

The discovery of this treasure opinion that incessant chatter. Some people say, this is the property of the temple, also said that the treasure should be used to improve the welfare of the people.
A treasure hunter has shared with the media that he was found by a merchant boat sank the British during World War II. Valuable treasure find is about 3 billion USD (66,000 billion VND). This is the boat being sunk by German aircraft, under 700 feet depth (212 meters). Although evidence has been provided, but people still doubt about the truth of this treasure.

Men here are unemployed. Based on metal detectors, he discovered his friend’s farm in a huge treasure buried underground. He has found 650 products made from gold and silver made. Value equivalent to several million pounds.

Also, with the metal detector, he also found 52 positions farms nearby metal objects buried, probably this metal items are treasures.

Craig and Richard Myers very passionate about tracing treasures. Two metal detector users and find a huge treasure in Jersey, UK. They found 30000-50000 Celtic coins, worth up to 10 million pounds (286 billion VND).

In the process of conserving ancient castle in St. Petersburg, Russia, people have discovered a hermitage. In the interior there are large amounts of bile instruments silverware table. After cleaning, shiny items like new again. The tableware was produced from 1917. After the October Revolution, aristocrats lived in the castle gave them a hiding. The value of this item to 1,690,000 rubles (597 million VND).

In 2011, a worker cleans the German public libraries have discovered a cavity inside containing some rare coins. The money is derived from the Byzantine, Greek, Roman. They may well have been hiding here in 1803. It’s worth tens of thousands of euros.

Because in order to avoid military plundered Caesar, who’s 5 tribes were carrying the money and fled to the island concealed. Two treasure hunters rely on metal detectors have found this coin vault.
In 1622, a ship filled with treasures of Spain is the journey to Florida, USA, the storms and sunk. On board with silver ingots weighing 24 tons in 1038; 180,000 pesos of silver coins; 582 copper ingots; 125 pieces of gold. A few cigarettes and dyes are valuable commodities that period.
The entire cargo ships worth about 500 million dollars (11,000 billion VND). This treasure was found in 1985, by an American treasure hunter Mel Fisher named. Atocha treasure called chock cross and many other treasures. The treasures are now exhibited at the museum in Key West’s, USA.