Single and Strange Road appears only Twice a day in France

Le Passage du Gois, France, A path length of about 4.2 km, connecting the Noirmoutier island in the bay Burnef with France. It only appears on the water twice a day at low tide, China News on 23/9 reported.
The road for the first time appeared on the map in 1701 Cars and carriages began traveling through this decade from 1840.
At high tide, the road is about 4 meters deep below sea level. You can only go through here in a few hours before it was submerged.
In fact, the traffic on this road is very dangerous. Pedestrians can stuck between rapid sea without crossing.
Along the road there are warnings about the state of the sea surges. Yet every year there are many adventurous people trapped by rapidly rising water level at high tide.
Many rescue tower was built along the Passage du Góis for those trapped. They can climb the tower waiting for rescue teams or tide wait.
Car riders over here also be very careful because even if the tide, wet road with leftover algae can cause cars to skid caused the accident.

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