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11 Myths and Truths about Menstruation

The period can be a nuisance for women and a mystery to men, but we know that is natural and absolutely necessary. The female body must go through this cycle and the more informed we are, the better it will be.

For a long time, it was a taboo and many stories were invented around it, confusing people about its function and biological characteristics. If you want to tear down the myths about menstruation and know some truths, here are the main ones.

# 11 What is Menstruation?

Menstruation is when the uterus no longer needs certain tissues and fluids that are there to accommodate a fetus, in case the woman becomes pregnant. It comes in the form of blood, but it also contains parts of these tissues.

# 10 Breaking the Taboo of Menstruation

Always was the first brand to show blood in an advertisement of sanitary napkins. However, it was only a campaign and it did not go far enough to break the taboo. The advertisements continue to show a celestial liquid much more pleasing to the eye.

# 9 The Guilt of the change of Mood is not of Hysteria

Of course, this idea about hysteria has gone out of fashion for a long time, but the reality is that, in certain places, people are still talking about it. The idea began in Ancient Greece and remained until 1950, more or less, when the term premenstrual syndrome was created. During all those years the hysteria was cured reaching orgasm, usually manually. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the vibrator became popular, a way of ” removing the hysteria of women “.

# 8 In Ancient Greece it was diseased Blood that was discarded

The ancient Greeks believed that menstruation was the way in which the body discarded contaminated blood and used to take blood from those who thought they were sick. This led to many people dying due to lack of blood and unnecessary drainage.

# 7 Vicarious Menstruation

It is not very common and few women suffer, but it can happen. The vicarious menstruation is bleeding into other areas of the body such as the nose, mouth, sinuses, etc. It only happens during menstruation and then ceases with it.

# 6 A woman can get pregnant during her period

It is not very common, but it may be the case. It often happens that women trust and do not use protection, but you should know that it is advisable to protect yourself because it is a remote possibility.

# 5 Walt Disney made a movie

Apparently, Walt Disney was not limited to children’s films, but also made an informative film entitled The Story of Menstruation, which was used in sex education classes. It was also the first movie to say the word vagina.

# 4 The average age is 12 years

The average age at which girls begin to menstruate is 12 years, but each time the age decreases more. There is still no concrete data, but hypotheses say that it could be the environment or even the increasingly high-fat diet.

# 3 You may have more desire to have Sex

During menstruation, the level of progesterone is very low and we know that this hormone is responsible for putting a stop in the libido. That is why many women feel like having sex, even more than usual. The choice about whether or not to have relationships during this period is individual and does not affect physical development.

# 2 The Ovules are born with the Woman

When a girl is born, her potential eggs are already in her. During development in the maternal womb, it has approximately 7 million follicles and when it is born it decreases to 2 million. At puberty, only 400,000 remains and approximately 500 are released in the course of their lives.

# 1 A Virgin Woman can use a Tampon

In some cultures, the rupture of the hymen is what represents the loss of a woman’s virginity, but it is not necessarily so, of course. The hymen may not break during sexual intercourse but may break during intense physical activity or medical analysis.

Therefore, a virgin woman may or may not have a hymen and the use of a tampon does not affect her. The real loss of a person’s virginity occurs when a sexual encounter is first realized.

These are some of the myths about menstruation that we all must tear down with truths.

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