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Have you Ever Wondered Why you Blush when you’re near your Crush?

Finally the time is right, you and your crush are alone, it’s your perfect opportunity to tell you how much you like!

But no, shaking hands give you away, your tongue is blocked and your face becomes super red Until you feel how the temperature increases in your body, no matter how you try to calm down, the only thing your crush can see is that you put on the colour of a tomato.

Surely this situation seems very familiar, right? We were all so nervous or so embarrassed that our faces, ears and even our necks were put on as if we had been intoxicated.

First of all you have to differentiate between types of blushing. What we talk about in particular has nothing to do with the one that occurs when we turn red for exercise, it is different also when we blush for the consumption of alcohol or to fill us, and even when something makes us very angry.

To get red when we are nervous or distressed, has a scientific explanation: Professor of psychology Ray Crozier, University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, explains in his article ‘The puzzle of blushing’, that every one we feel embarrassed, immediately active The sympathetic nervous system, the same that moderates the responses of fight or flight.

When activated, the body releases a dose of adrenaline that accelerates the heart rate and breathing to make it easier for us to run and flee immediately.

But that’s not what causes redness, the sympathetic nervous system also causes our blood vessels to dilate so blood and oxygen flow better when running.

Precisely, when the blood vessels of the face expand they produce a remarkable change of the color of the skin. This is most noticeable when a person has white complexion.

So you know, your body is simply responding to a situation of danger, or well that’s what he thinks, so you better start by relaxing a little when you find yourself in your crush, what is the worst that could happen?