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Reviving Ancient China’s Silk Road

China launched long 12,000km railway linking its territory with the British on the legendary Silk Road.

Dong Feng trains of China yesterday began departing in this city to implement the Roadmap 12,000km lasted 16 days through Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium and France before coming to Hackney Rail Freight Station in London.

Reviving Ancient China’s Silk Road – Stuffedition
Reviving Ancient China’s Silk Road – Stuffedition

According to the Guardian, Dong Feng marked the revival of the ancient Silk Road, trade routes between the East and Europe. Dong Feng trains by Timex Yiwu Industrial Investment Company of China operation will run once a week during the trial.

Journey by train faster than cargo by ship and costs just half the air, turning the city into the 15th London direct connections with China. Upon returning to Yiwu, the train will be carrying goods such as wood, meat and wine.


“This is a landmark new economic geography. It not only involves the use of large corporations, but also to restore the ship traditional Silk Road “, a professor at the School Marsden Magnis global studies at the University of Sussex, UK, commented.

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