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Transgender Surgery : How do Female to Male work?

Sex change surgery for women into men, doctors remove the uterus, ovaries, creating genitalia and testicular fake patients.

According Menshealth, surgical techniques in female-to-male transsexuals, doctors often impacts on the two bodies are breast and female genital areas. Namely the removal of the uterus, ovaries, and genital organ transplantation with fake testicles on. Then, the patient must use male hormone testosterone to accelerate the process of masculinisation.
There are many ways renewable “small boy” for a sex change from female to male. Such as the use of groin flap of skin which is the home for many nerves, creating “inspiration” or thighs, arms. With the advances in microsurgical techniques, the doctor can use the patients skin or artery in the forearm turned to Roll the penis tube, a tube is inserted into the cage and then the rubber in the middle and roll up. To ensure urinary function, doctors will roll two rounds, forming a tube identical “small boy” truth.

To be able to live penis is, the surgeon will sew the blood vessels and nerves groin, then put into the core of a piece genitals autologous cartilage or artificial penis to ensure there erection. Patients are also connected renewable urethra and fake testicles made from silicon. Finally the urinary specialist will perform the remaining steps to help patients change the way urinate from sitting to standing.

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