6 Things not to do when going to the Bathroom

Toilet stories seem to be a normal human need, but there are bad habits that make you astounded by poor toilet practices.

Here are six things to avoid when you go to the bathroom that you need to remember.

1. Read the newspaper, watching the phone

 Read the newspaper, watching the phone

Read the newspaper, watching the phone

In life, many people have the habit of “sitting” hours to read the newspaper, phone when the toilet. Long sitting on the toilet will cause blood circulation in the vein of the pelvic cavity to be obstructed, blood vessels dilated, acne prone, even loss of rectal sensitivity to stimulation. money. Over the long term lead to constipation , more serious also leads to bowel cancer .

Sitting on the toilet longer causes the brain to become temporarily anemic, and if you stand up too quickly, you will be shocked and overwhelmed.

2. Overdose when defecating

Overdose when defecating

Overdose when defecating

When bowel movement, if used too hard to “push” strongly will lead to anal fracture , especially with people with constipation often.

In addition, overdose when defecation also increases the risk of sudden death. Since then, the muscles in the abdominal wall and diaphragm tighten, causing abdominal pressure to rise, blood pressure builds up in the brain, heart muscle is consuming more oxygen, causing heart attack, obstruction or severe heart failure, leading To sudden death

3. Complete the bow, get up too quickly

Complete the bow, get up too quickly

Complete the bow, get up too quickly

People who suffer from cardiovascular , cerebrovascular or blood vessel disease if they get up immediately after sitting in the toilet for a long time are more likely to develop transient ischaemic events , stunning, dizziness or falls. This risk is more likely to occur in older people. In addition, people with high blood pressure when they get up early, the blood pressure will be higher, if the toilet immediately after waking up the risk of increased incidence. If possible, attach additional handrails next to the toilet to provide a fulcrum when needed.

4. Urination  “fast” after the long break

Urination "fast" after the long break

Urination “fast” after the long break

For so long and suddenly urinate easily make nerves too excited, urine in the bladder in the blinked out, causing blood pressure to drop, heart rate slow down, easily cause dizziness .

In addition, the toilet is where you go out every day, so you should also note the environment in the toilet to ensure better health.

Many people like to spray perfume in the toilet to create a pleasant feeling. However, in fact, the organic compound in this solution, if prolonged exposure, can lead to cancer . So, if you want to deodorise the toilet, you can choose natural ingredients such as lemon slices, orange peels, grapefruit peel above the toilet tank; Or you can light up some of the lowest natural oils in the toilet for the purpose of deodorising.

5. Smoking

Many people smoke cigarettes when using the toilet so they do not affect the outside. But do you know that this habit increases the level of harm to health.

Cigarettes are considered to be extremely toxic to the health

Cigarettes are considered to be extremely toxic to the health

Cigarettes are considered to be extremely toxic to the health of both smokers and people who breathe in secondhand smoke . In cigarettes there are chemicals that, when inhaled in the long run, can lead to cancer.

Incorporating smoking in the toilet process increases the risk of increased health risks because in small spaces, if tobacco smoke is released, we breathe in the body itself, increasing the incidence of severe pulmonary disease. Distinct lung cancer .

6. Dry your hands

Dry your hands

Dry your hands

The abuse of the hand dryer at every bite is not an optimal choice.

Researchers at the British had placed a kind of bacteria is not harmful to the hands of the study participants to simulate hands dirty, then, some people are using hand dryers while others use paper To clean your hands .

After drying their hands, they measured the number of bacteria in the hands of those who saw the hands of those who drank more bacteria than those who cleaned with toilet paper.

According to Prof. Mark Wilcox -University of Leeds, the lead investigator, the bacteria are 27 times more in air around the hand dryer on toilet paper and last longer. When hand drying, these bacteria can cling to your hands.

” When you use a hand dryer at a public restroom, you may be infected with bacteria from previous users,” Wilcox said.

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